Anyone worried about how much they're insulting us in the German thread?

Mainly I’m a bit sad this forum doesn’t plugin an auto-translate, to be honest.

right click, translate to english

Well bugger me with Corbyn’s prize marrow.

I’ve only ever used that auto-top bar thing Chrome puts in. Never known that was there.


U wot m8?

Only had a brief look in, seems like most of their ire is reserved for Epimer. I can live with that.

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Oh well you’ve fucked the site completely now. It seems confused what language I’m using.

Nah, nobody who speaks German would ever do something that nasty.


You’re absolutely screwed if you come from Swabia or Saxony. (It’s mostly about weird regional accents in German and highly caffeinated soft drinks).

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I tried that Club Mate stuff recently. It was vile.

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dont think anyone in there is German, unless you’re congratulating the language/people in general

do we have a “not this” function yet?

I agree, but then, I am cohabiting with one

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Unfortunately my german isn’t advanced enough yet to have a go at you, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out once I do