Anyone write poetry?

Or have any favourites? I’m looking for nice arch flowery shit that people throw onto a wordpress site or something. Just looking for nice stuff to explore or be inspired by. I have a vague memory of someone on here once linking to their site, which was good. Hit me up with some links pls!

I’ve no writing talent. I like some Sylvia Plath and Stevie Smith.

(Rudyard Kipling can fuck off.)

My life is poetry

Love is like a bottle of gin but a bottle of gin is not like love.

Of course, one is liquid, the other provokes liquid.

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Love :face_vomiting:

We watched this in class yesterday :slight_smile:


I once wrote this poem about a day in the life of Mark McKinley:

The adjudicator sighed
and pressed the button to start the stopwatch
it was a dull routine
another day another pillock trying to eat four dry crackers in a minute
his mind wandered with thoughts of genuine records
a 100 metre sprint in 8 seconds
the longest fingernails ever seen

but no

it was crackers again

but suddenly
his thoughts were interrupted with the sound of jubilance

a fourth cracker!

at last!

a fourth cracker!

but wait

the stopwatch read 01:24…
the adjudicator had taken his eye off the ball
and now had a decision to make
his reputation
or the reputation of the Guinness Book of Records

there could only be one winner here…


I’ve a book available on Amazon :slight_smile:

I just wrote this on the lav:

The Carnivore’s Lament

Dark poo
In the loo
Is it true
You once moo


this video + The Streets was why I got in to spoken word

and I did the music for most of these for a woman i met at a spoken word night

Decided I wanted to get into writing non-instrumental songs and wrote that last night. It rhymes and shit. I realised after I wrote it that the melody is too similar to Moby’s “why does my heart feel so bad” though so I gotta rework it. Or ask Moby if he’s arsed.