Anything annoying you today?




This cold that is sat on my chest


boot is rubbing against my foot a bit


waited 15 mins for a bus and it was full so I had to walk anyway

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The traffic was annoying me on my drive to work

And the air conditioning is set just a little bit too cold for my liking. I bet I’ll be wearing a jumper later.


Mildly annoyed by the fact that the weather won’t make up its mind whether (no pun intended) it wants to do Autumn or Summer


Traffic. (It’s just a bit of rain ffs)


Same :sneezing_face:


Train 1 being 22 minutes late this morning on a service which is due to run every 20 minutes.

Train 2 being stuck behind a Freight Train this morning and ending up 11 minutes late into MKC.



On the flip side, it’s nice to have my long-held suspicion that Seann Walsh is a prick of the highest order validated at last.


My numb thigh!


I could have told you that. He’s from round my way, so lots of people have tales about him.

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find it hard to imagine that anyone would be surprised, he’s always struck me as a total weapon

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.+ support
Tonight @ The Dublin Castle
£10 on the door
£8 concessions


I have to go to a conference in the Midlands next Wednesday. Then my boss wants me to see him in Essex the next day. It is to meet a guy, a guy who lives about ten miles from me. Aaarrrfggghhh.


At least you get to come to The Midlands


My favourite pair of jeans have a hole in the top of the inside leg


Oh yeah - and there’s rail replacement buses on Saturday when I’m meant to be going to London for a gig. I’ll probably end up leaving my car in Croydon and driving back from there instead.


Can’t you just take the corporate jet?


Got a dead nail from football last night and its very painful but not quite dead enough to rip off yet. Might have a bath at lunch to try to get rid of it

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