Anything good on tv?

I just watched find it, fix it, flog it. They were in Liverpool. What’s on? Channel number too please.

do you not have the tv on in the background?

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oh actually There’s still some find it fix it flog it left and then escape to the chateau so i’m sorted for a bit.

Escape to the Chateau is the most joyful telly programme of all time and I won’t hear a word otherwise.

There’s nothing good on

Real Housewives of NY Season 12 started last night. You have to buy Hayu for £3.99 a month though.

it’s on at 13.15 on more four

I have a stream of minor Irish comedian Viper Higgins trying to win the World Cup with Ireland in Pro Evolution. It’s absolute fucking nonsense and I love it.

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My parents had the tv on literally all day every day and as such I can’t concentrate or relax without it going on in the background

I had the kallgeese stream + the tv for a bit. Completely zoned out. was great.