Anything puzzling you currently? Would you currently describe yourself as "puzzled" about something?


Have you looked at something today and thought “how puzzling?”


nope, all seems to be in order.


Just bump this thread if you do happen to find anything puzzling any time soon, thanks


probably just the future and life in general



Celebrity Juice is 10 years old.
10 years.


That hits harder when you think about how old Bo Selecta must therefore be


How did they get the crane off the roof of the shard when it was finished


this What the heck does this mean in the url?


They just incorporated it into the design


A conundrum in the form of a bullet point list:

  • I don’t like download only games
  • Yooka-Laylee was download-only on Switch, so I grudgingly bought it for about £40
  • It’s available for a limited time as a physical edition for $50…
  • …but there’s a fancypants version for $75
  • I’ve played the game and completed it, but feel I should get the boxed version…
  • …and I’m thinking that if I’m paying for it, I might as well pay a bit more and get the super one although it’s just the same game with some extra cardboard and plastic


I’m not sure if this conundrum is something that could be described as “puzzling” I wouldn’t say you are “puzzled” by the decision personally.


Cheerfully withdrawn.


Thanks, I wish you all the best with your conundrum regardless of how irrelevant it was to this thread x


I’m puzzled that you would even consider spending so much money on a game you already own


tbf I’ve bought Final Fantasy VII god knows how many times


but presumably so you could replay it on different consoles. He already owns it on switch


It’s still there. No one notices because cranes are just part of the London skyline now.


Not sure whether to prioritise tickets or longer routes in ticket to ride Europe, mate


Just why does everyone have cake and I don’t


Where I’ve moved to, to local busses say KITE on the front after the destination, I don’t know what’s KITE stands for, I could easily find out but I enjoy the sensation of being slightly puzzled whenever I see it