Anywhere you could walk in and order 'the usual'


And actually have people know what it is? Saw a guy try this in a cafe near me and the woman in the shop just stood there like ‘…and that would be…?’ :smiley:

No food/drink for me but this one record shop makes fun of me for buying the same thing so it might work there.

If unsure, feel free to give it a try and report back.



Almost at our local, where my “usual” is whatever guest ale is on, and the landlord knows that’s what I’ll order, but it’s not always him who serves.

  • Yes and I do this
  • Possibly but I wouldnt try
  • No, no, no

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Barmaid in the local pub will tell me about the new cans they’ve got in stock, I don’t really have a usual as I usually choose a different beer/can everytime


On the final day of my run of free rice boxes the woman serving me saw me coming in and she just asked “tofu?”. All I had to do was nod in approval.


Possibly Deeney’s if the irish lads are serving.


Local taxi rank knows me and will cart me home without me having to tell them where im going.


Go to a pub with a colleague and have a tiger and bass each time. Fridays i mix it up with a Jaipur.

There’s people who ask for the usual but I haven’t quite got the chutzpah for it.


Don’t drink now but used to have an unspoken system with the landlord of the best pub in the area where he’d automatically pour me a 3-4%er (Pint, Manchester Bitter) on a weeknight or a 5-6%er (Lagonda, Dobber, etc) on a Friday or Saturday.

In another couple of bars they knew to pour me a Track Brewery ale if they’re on, but i think that applies to most people.


How’s their success rate?


Same here, at the place I go to most my “usual” will be whatever’s new and exciting so I usually get a recommendation.


Used to be a coffee shop where they’d ask me if I was having a flat white cause it’s what I’d almost always have. Would never, ever ask for ‘the usual’ though


Pub in the village I grew up in used to. Would walk in, “London Pride is it GEOFF™?” “Yes please”. Wouldn’t even have to ask. Miss that :frowning:

What I don’t miss it a similar situation at the kebab house I went to all the time at university. Bloke knew all our names as well ffs. Embarrassing.


They’re there ALL the time so high. I’ve been to this pub ~100 times last year, and a guy was at the same place at the bar every time. Impressive.


Lonny P*


Good choices.




I lived in a flat in Nottingham that didn’t have a kitchen and so I’d have takeaway every night (I also had a massive breakdown). To avoid the pity of the takeaway staff I wouldn’t use the same one twice in a fortnight which meant id often make 3 mile round trips for some chicken wings


A staff member makes comment on you ordering the same thing frequently

  • A delightful, personal touch
  • fine *shrug*
  • Welp, guess I’ll find a new place

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