Anywhere you could walk in and order 'the usual'


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Mailers to send records in the post

Ooh good one, I wonder if this is the case for @anon5266188

Nah, don’t think so. When I order my take away from the local indian place they know who it is from the order and the accent, but I couldn’t call up and say “The usual!” and then hang up. It wouldn’t work.

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I don’t know if it’s a national thing or just regional, probably the latter, but over the last eighteen months or so the Track ales, and to a lesser extent Cloudwater and Squawk beers seem to have replaced Thornbridge, Hornbeam, Arbor as the sort of standards you see across most places. There are much more interesting things you might find on keg or in cans, but i think Track Sonoma on cask’s the best value session ale i’ve found. Could literally drink that all day.

Are you sure? Fancy giving it a try?

Could probably do this at Perfect Pizza (couples meal deal, medium smoky BBQ with cheese crust, garlic bread, southern fried chicken) or the good Thai place (Sweetcorn fritters, crispy squid, chicken pad thai, beef panang curry, coconut rice) but obviously order those online to minimise human contact.

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This is NOT the case for me. Incidentally I was due for a haircut yesterday (on accounts of it being the 16th and all) but ran into work so was not feasible and then I just decided not to have one today either! What a maverick!

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I better tell @profk to stand down


Am able to walk into at least three pubs in the city and with just a nod of my head the barperson will put on my usual order.

The record shop I go to knows I’ll always buy any Prince record they have too so there’s that as well.


Definitely a Manchester thing. I’d consider myself very lucky to see all those regularly in places. Not sure I’ve ever had Sonoma but I’ve heard lots of people say it’s one of the best beers in the country.

Only the barbers.

Kinda wish I had a local/regular now…

Yeah, my local pub, The Rose in Norwich. Just under two minutes from my front door.

I always wanted a local that I could drop into and be known and it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve had it.

Feels nice. And so much the better that it’s a good pub with a cool, mostly left-leaning clientele.

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Going to show up there on Saturday after my penoid tournament, throw a bag of Skips at the back of your head, and run away.

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I’d get anxious that they thought I wasn’t going in because the quality had dropped or summink tho

Stay for a beer then run away.

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The chippy near the office.

Chicken Curry on chips, trouble is it’s run by twins and the only time I said the words ‘the usual’ I was greeted with ‘what’s that then’…wrong twin.

No point to it really is there, looks like heck and every single person will double check with you so doesn’t save time

actually this is a good point, the coffee shop at denmark hill station, at least 1 or 2 of the staff know i always order a flat white. but then so do like 75% of the customers i would imagine.

the small batch coffee outlet at Brighton train station have a pretty amazing knack for remembering customers orders. ideal thing at 7.30am when you’re cold and groggy and can communicate an entire exchange through eye contact and a nod