Anywhere you could walk in and order 'the usual'

The work canteen know my drink order (black earl grey) which is mostly great except for the times I go in and either want something different or don’t want anything but it’s already made so have to buy it anyway because of awkwardness.

If I stuck to the same drink then yes, but I never do. There’s a couple of cafes and bars that know me well. The only place anyone has ever actually said “the usual?” to me was in a chippy in St Leonards…I was only staying down there for three week so it pretty embarrassing but JFC it was the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life.

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Sometimes a person being familiar or kind can be nice. I have awful days at work sometimes, pop into a warm pub and something simple like someone asking how you are or having a drink ready for you can instantly take a good amount of the stress away.

I agree with this and think you are a good person

Coffee shop at the station, Coffee shop in hammersmith, coffee shop in village. Bar at the hotel in Basel.

Would never say ‘the usual’ because that would make me a weapon’s-grade wanker, but they often just say my order to me when I get to the front of the line and ask if I want it.

Same for me, the guy who runs my local will highlight anything new in he thinks my wife and I might like, or let us know if he has some interesting kegs coming in or available to order. We don’t really have a “usual” there though as the selection rotates reasonably often.

One of the baristas at our local indie coffee shop started making me a double espresso if he saw me crossing the road as I’d never ordered anything else. Would irritate my wife no end that my coffee was ready for me walking in the door!

Just remembered the guy who works in the cafe at the office I work at in Geneva always remembers my order because I go down every day at the same time just to get out of my chair

Landlord in my childhood pub but it’s been about 3 years so he might have forgot
(1doom bar in a handle)
Would let him lead though I don’t want to presume.

Nice work.

So today I went into the coffee shop, girl straight away said 'flat white, you have your own cup?

And I was like’ yeah!’

But yesterday was the first time I’d ever been there, is this too weird??

Coffee is well good too


clearly you’re very memorable

It is rare I have the same thing that regularly. Once I did order the same beer 3 times, then they went to pour it again when i went to the bar. I only actually wanted a half of something else :frowning:

Went to the coffee shop around the corner this morning and the lady in there looked at me and said “…long black”?

Guess I’m a regular now. I go there once a week tops ffs.

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went to the neros on the corner near work the other day and the woman behind the counter went “large latte?” i never order a large latte, almost always a cappuccino. also we used to go to the slug and lettuce near work and the barmaid who worked there on a friday always started pouring me a guinness when she saw me. that was nice but we stopped going there coz we managed to convince enough people in the group that actually, slug and lettuce pubs are shit pubs. alsoalso, the lady in our local chippy always asks if i want just salt on my chips but i have never ordered just salt.

long story short, i have mixed experiences with these things

excellent news!

there’s one burrito place i go to that if you ask for a veggie burrito they’ll automatically put both black and pinto beans in without asking you. i find this extremely presumptious.

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Gotta pad it out with something.

The local chippy. To the point now where I don’t think I’d actually be able to order anything else from there, as in they’d be so confused

I remember when I decided I’d have onions with the burger I usually order and, while I was waiting, I saw chaos ensue behind the counter as the one insisted to his colleague that i’d requested onions

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Probably would have been able to in my hometown in the my strongbow drinking days.

Can’t remember the last time I went in the same pub twice in a week here.