why no bandcamp?

that’s actually a good question that I can’t remember the answer to if there was one. I’ll look into that. In the meantime it is also on Soundcloud:

Cheers. I’m listening via youtube, and enjoying very much. I would drop notes and coins to acquire via bandcamp, so if you get it up, let me know.

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Ooooooo I like this a lot! You should jag this more, what a discovery!


put it to the band, there’s another fee-waiving day coming up on 3rd of July so will aim to get it up for then, thanks for the reminder/tip!

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haha you mean, creating its own thread wasn’t enough?

or in the weekly new music thread?

or if you do a search various other places? :wink:

I’m of course only kidding, appreciate the kind words but it’s not like I’ve been quiet about it :smiley:

Ah well, passed me by but no one has ever accused me of being the most observant pencil in the box!

What do you play in the band?

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No worries, just found it funny :smiley: I play bass :slight_smile:

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Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret (Gorgeous ambient album, silver lining after losing her voice)

RTJ - RTJ4 (First of their’s I’ve truly loved)

Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire (Again, been fond of his work before but a whole album of his hasn’t grabbed me like this. An album of two halves.)

Siavash Amini - All Lanes Of Lilac Evening (Another gorgeous ambient album)

Charli XCX - How I’m Feeling Now (running theme of having bounced off previous albums but this has been on repeat when driving around in the sun)

HMs : Ghost Halo, Warmth, Dogleg and Ratboys

I really enjoy it! Any word on a physical edition?

Not currently, we were kinda hoping to see how the digital release would go first but then… y’know

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Everyone should really listen to it, it’s a legitimately great album and the best indie rock album of the year. Not a weak moment on it. Can’t even imagine how frustrating it must have been to finally release something like that and then have the entire industry basically shut down a couple weeks later.


Only started wrapping my ears around the Huntsnen and bow church records today. Both very good after a few listens. Liked the first two Algiers recprds too, so mystified as to why I’ve not really bothered with the latest one. I need these prompts!

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Hamilton Leithauser
Empty Country
Perfume Genius
Field Music

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See, I saw that list of bands and yawned. You should’ve told us the album is good in spite of those comparisons!



…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - X: The Godless Void and Other Stories
I Break Horses - Warnings
Run the Jewels - RTJ4
OOIOO - nijimusi
envy - The Fallen Crimson

Found myself listening to way more EPs and singles this year, so there’s a whole bunch of albums I really need to check out (and will do thanks to this thread).

I really like the record as well, have listened to it a lot in the last couple of weeks

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Thank you :blush:

Will come and see you live as and when this starts up again!

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