40 posts and no mentions of Grimes and only one for Rina Sawayama?

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1.Hamilton Leithauser
3.Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
4.Car Seat Headrest

Mentions: Beach Bunny, Porridge Radio, Tame Impala, Destroyer, Algiers.
Need more time with the Phoebe Bridgers album.

July brings two real ‘contenders’ for me - Protomartyr (17th) and Fontaines D.C (31st).

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  1. Bow Church - The Spirits In This Forest Are Older Than Your Gods

  2. Chris Forsyth & Garcia Peoples - Peoples Motel Band (lengthy guitar freak outs, ffo Neil Young, the Dead, Television)

  3. RTJ4

  4. Jeff Rosenstock - No Dream

  5. Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud

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I’m enjoying the love for bow church, it’s a great album.

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In no particular order, etc etc:

Run the Jewels - RTJ4
Destroyer - Have we Met
Fiona Apple - Fetch the Boltcutters
Empress of - I’m Your Empress of
Nils Frahm - Empty

Honourable mention for BC Camplight’s Shortly After Takeoff, which doesn’t quite make my top 5 but is excellent.

In terms of explanations:
Nils Frahm has helped keep my head straight during the worst of lockdown.

Fetch the Boltcutters and RTJ4 are both close to impeccable examples of their art/genre.

Always a fan of Destroyer but think this is the most consistent record he’s made since Kaputt.

Love the production and change of pace from Empress Of. Done a lot of kitchen dancing to her album.

And BC Camplight is really solid, melodic indie-pop with some very amusing rhyming couplets and wry takes in the lyrics.

Only Nadia Reid and Waxahatchee massively stand out for me so far as 10/10 records.

Looking forward to Haim arriving this week. Seeing as they’ve released something like 7 singles from it already it’s easy to predict that this will be another 10/10 for me.

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I think it’s been a really strong year for music so far without necessarily delivering a standout album of the year. I make a monthly playlist on Spotify and add weekly new releases to it, then the ones I enjoy (say 7/10 and upwards) get added to an annual albums playlist, which I refer back to at the end of the year. That’s already over 70 albums which is indicative of real strength in depth, but I don’t see many that I have been going back to repeatedly.

Against All Logic and Run The Jewels probably the two that I have gone back to most so far, but I kind of feel that neither will end up my album of the year. Hard to put my finger on why, maybe I am being too punitive in my judgement because they feel a bit like sequels. Actually the Gil Scott-Heron rework by Makaya McCraven is in the same list.

The Bob Dylan album is very good. May well be a front-runner if I’m still enjoying it as much in a few weeks.

Max de Wardener, Okkyung Lee, Jeff Parker, Craven Faults all close to the top too.

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Probably Yves Tumor. Heard a load of 7/8 out of 10s but nothing higher


Moses Sumney is a straight 11/10 for me and easily the best I’ve heard all year so far. Nowt comes close.

This sounds right up my alley. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Can’t figure out a top five so here’s a couple that haven’t already been mentioned that I’ve been enjoying a lot:

R.A.P Ferreira - Purple Moonlight Pages

Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan -

Navy Blue - Ada Irin

Pigs x7 - Viscerals

Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret

Flat Worms - Antartica


Order is yet to be determined but I think these would be my top 5s at the moment.

Black metal -

Spectral Lore & Mare Cognitum - Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine
Sickle of Dust - To The Shores of Sunrise
Borgne - Y
Afsky - Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død
Faidra - Six Voices Inside

Non-black metal -

Run The Jewels - RTJ4
Algiers - There Is No Year
bow church - The Spirits In This Forest Are Older Than Your Gods
Craven Faults - Erratics & Unconformities
Greg Dulli - Random Desire


In no particular order:

Dan Deacon
Run The Jewels
Perfume Genius

Honourable mentions: AAL, Baxter Dury, Freddie Gibbs, Waxahatchee, The Weeknd, Yves Tumor

Very roughly

Nap Eyes
Elvis Depressedly

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  1. Waxahatchee
  2. Neil Young
  3. Grimes
  4. Phoebe Bridgers
  5. Laura Marling

Also: Perfume Genius, US Girls, Porridge Radio, Nicolas Jaar, Fiona Apple

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Ranking is arbitrary, not much between these at all.

  1. Baxter Dury
  2. Fiona Apple
  3. Four Tet
  4. Waxahatchee
  5. Destroyer

Bubbling under:
Run The Jewels, Bonny Light Horseman, Nadia Reid, Holy Fuck, Wolf Parade & Porridge Radio.
Very impressed with Phoebe Bridgers & Bob Dylan albums - these could be in my top 5 by end of year.

Good shout. “Back to Work” is my song of the year so far.

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No order, yadda yadda…

  • Gil Scott-Heron/Makaya McCraven - We’re New Again: Best possible version of this album
  • Nathan Fake - Blizzrds: My favourite electronic album of the year. Consistently diverse and interesting.
  • Arbouretum - Let it all in: Psychedelic country. Real grower.
  • Run the Jewels 4: What everyone else says
  • Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud: What everyone else also says
  • Coriky S/T: I’m a sucker for anything Fugazi-related.
  • Tidiane Thiam: Beautifully calm, meditative Senegalese guitar.
  • Jeff Rosenstock - No Dream. 13 punk bangers. Ohio Turnpiiiiiiiiiike!!
  • Pure X S/T: Well crafted indie rock.
  • Grimes - Miss Anthropocene. Fuck it, I’ve really enjoyed this despite all the weirdness surrounding her.