think the Yaeji mixtape is still my album of the year


Yea, they really do rip off Deftones, but that doesn’t stop this being an amazing bit of hardcore, with the melodic style Deftone do best.

2 Huntsmen
I was in no mood for a pro metal sci fi double album but holy hell this is amazing. Dramatic post metal, proggy solos and some great riffing. It’s amazing that an almost 90 album can hold my attention these days.

3 Colin Phils. American indie, with a math rock touch.

4 Holy Fuck. Stomping dance music

5 (0) Danish Black metal. More post rock infused metal with a growling vocal rather than shrieking. It’s pretty melodic for the genre.

6 Bow Church. Bits of techno, trance and witch house melded into a brilliant, moody album.

7 Sunda arc. 2 jazz guys make an electronica album that sounds like Kiasmos.

8 Garganjua. Huge crushing post metal with an odd self help lean to it.

9 RTJ 4. I’m a little disappointed by it, it’s a bit too slick for its own good but then LOOK AT ALL THESE SLAVE MASTERS POSING ON YOUR DOLLAR!

10 Algiers. That gospel meets noise rock sound is just done so well.


Johanna Warren
Fiona Apple
Porridge Radio
Perfume Genius

Need more time with: Neil Young, Phoebe Bridgers, Dylan, Jeff Rosenstock

Mentions to: Sorry, Laura Marling, Dogleg, Bonny Light Horseman

Best year I can remember for a long time so far


Forgot Craven Vaults - Erratics and Unconformities, what a great album


Forgot about Bonny Light Horseman, think that would be in my top 10 at year’s end for sure!

Have compiled my favourite albums of the year so far, but need to listen to them to properly order them. Anyhow, some albums I have been loving:

Alexandra Savior - The Archer (so many good songs on this album, hard to pick a favourite. Apparently sounds like LDR, but I’m indifferent to her, so Alexandra is obviously a lot better)

Austra - HiRUDiN (super catchy songs and sound. Also many good albums, although Risk It is my stand-out favourite)

Spirit Fest - Mirage Mirage (includes members of The Notwist and Tenniscoats, and almost makes me as happy as a proper album from The Notwist. Such an upbeat magical album)

Caribou - Suddenly (I haven’t listened much to him previously, but this album is great)

Dan Levy - I Lost My Body (soundtrack to the great animated movie of the same name on Netflix. Lovely warm synthy electronic sounds. Plus he’s one half of The Dø!)

Have also been loving DakhaBrakha, Destroyer, CocoRosie, NNAMDI, Dana Gavanski, and a bunch more!

Interesting fact I discovered through the internet is that Craven Faults is Richard Formby. Richard Formby plays on CODY by Mogwai.


I think these are in order

Away Team Shell of a Shell - Indie-rock
Stephen Malkmus Traditional Techniques - Malkmus
Brigid Dawson and the Mothers Network Ballet of Apes - Ex Oh Sees, FFO Broadcast (maybe?, I don’t know)
Junk Drawer Ready for the House - Psych/Indie Band
Lewsberg In This House - Velvets indebted Netherlands Indie Rock


haven’t got fully into it yet but the title track is really great

Think Broadcast is a good shout for that Brigid Dawson album. It’s got that off kilter 60s psych pop thing down perfectly. Really liking it.

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I’m not sure it was what I was expecting, but I’ve really grown into it - a good morning album. Carlettas in Hats again is pretty great.

Nothing really stands out so far, but I have enjoyed (NPO etc)

Cornershop - England Is A Garden
Erland Cooper - Hether Blether
Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans
Hilary Woods - Birthmarks
Julian Cope - Self-Civil War
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Mosaic Of Transformation
Sonic Boom - All Things Being Equal
The Magnetic Fields - Quickies
The Oscillation - Droneweapon
Tuluum Shimmering - various releases!
U.S. Girls - Heavy Light

Charli XCX - How I’m Feeling Now
Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters
Yaeji - What We Drew
Ka - Descendents of Cain
Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony

Haven’t got into this Lewsberg record as much as the last one unfortunately but nice to see them get a shout out

Top three are the ones that have stuck me for one reason or another and I’ve found myself returning to. Second three to a lesser extent. Listened to lots of good albums this year but not many have left a mark.

  1. Moses Boyd - Dark Matter
  2. Isaac Aesili - Hidden Truths
  3. Mac Miller - Circles

  1. Mura Masa - R.Y.C
  2. The Milk - Cages
  3. Douglas Dare - Milkteeth

Thank you everyone who mentioned Bow Church. This is some seriously great darkwave/outrun stuff, right up my street. Fans of Carpenter Brut will find a lot to love.


Oops, and RTJ4. If I forget to put a new album in my 2020 playlist I forget it exists :see_no_evil:

ah it fills my heart that not only you’ve put my band second from the top there but also three other people clicked on it :slight_smile: (also that we apparently have WWE in our youtube link)

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Dunno, this year feels like an absolute write off so far (for obvious reasons), think the only album i’ve been into is the new Run The Jewels which is perhaps their best yet, but its largely down to the current climate. My band put an album out we worked so fucking hard on for the last 4/5 years and then COVID happened and we can’t do anything with it, but we are so fucking proud of it, so idk, give it a listen?


Never heard of Brigid Dawson until your post but anything that gets compared to Broadcast is going to get a listen from me. It’s wonderful, not as absract/experimental as Broadcast but kinda midway between them and that Unloved record from last year. Thanks for recommending :+1: