Had this on my list to listen to already, think I heard a song from it on 6music maybe? Didn’t realise it was your band!

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yeah Steve Lamaq has been playing us fairly consistently, and we’ve had a couple plays elsewhere to on some BBC introducing shows, I think also absolute radio London or something? Pretty grateful because at least it means we haven’t completely disappeared during this period and hopefully can pick it back up when gigs and such will happen again but man it was horrible timing.

Yeah I think I heard it in his slot on the recommendations day they did the other week. Good that it’s getting some attention.

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Don’t think anything will beat this. Superb


why no bandcamp?

that’s actually a good question that I can’t remember the answer to if there was one. I’ll look into that. In the meantime it is also on Soundcloud:

Cheers. I’m listening via youtube, and enjoying very much. I would drop notes and coins to acquire via bandcamp, so if you get it up, let me know.

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Ooooooo I like this a lot! You should jag this more, what a discovery!


put it to the band, there’s another fee-waiving day coming up on 3rd of July so will aim to get it up for then, thanks for the reminder/tip!

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haha you mean, creating its own thread wasn’t enough?

or in the weekly new music thread?

or if you do a search various other places? :wink:

I’m of course only kidding, appreciate the kind words but it’s not like I’ve been quiet about it :smiley:

Ah well, passed me by but no one has ever accused me of being the most observant pencil in the box!

What do you play in the band?

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No worries, just found it funny :smiley: I play bass :slight_smile:

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Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret (Gorgeous ambient album, silver lining after losing her voice)

RTJ - RTJ4 (First of their’s I’ve truly loved)

Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire (Again, been fond of his work before but a whole album of his hasn’t grabbed me like this. An album of two halves.)

Siavash Amini - All Lanes Of Lilac Evening (Another gorgeous ambient album)

Charli XCX - How I’m Feeling Now (running theme of having bounced off previous albums but this has been on repeat when driving around in the sun)

HMs : Ghost Halo, Warmth, Dogleg and Ratboys

I really enjoy it! Any word on a physical edition?

Not currently, we were kinda hoping to see how the digital release would go first but then… y’know

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Everyone should really listen to it, it’s a legitimately great album and the best indie rock album of the year. Not a weak moment on it. Can’t even imagine how frustrating it must have been to finally release something like that and then have the entire industry basically shut down a couple weeks later.


Only started wrapping my ears around the Huntsnen and bow church records today. Both very good after a few listens. Liked the first two Algiers recprds too, so mystified as to why I’ve not really bothered with the latest one. I need these prompts!

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Hamilton Leithauser
Empty Country
Perfume Genius
Field Music

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See, I saw that list of bands and yawned. You should’ve told us the album is good in spite of those comparisons!