…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - X: The Godless Void and Other Stories
I Break Horses - Warnings
Run the Jewels - RTJ4
OOIOO - nijimusi
envy - The Fallen Crimson

Found myself listening to way more EPs and singles this year, so there’s a whole bunch of albums I really need to check out (and will do thanks to this thread).

I really like the record as well, have listened to it a lot in the last couple of weeks

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Thank you :blush:

Will come and see you live as and when this starts up again!

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checked out the Jim White and Marisa Anderson one today. v enjoyable.

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It’s great, had never heard of Marisa Anderson before. Her other stuff is worth checking out too!

her name is vaguely familiar but didn’t know anything about her. will check out some of the others!

Who would you compare us to out of interest?

It’s a bit niche for the ridiculous music bargains thread, but seen as you’ve mentioned it the Marisa Anderson/Jim White album is about a tenner cheaper at Amazon than anywhere else I’ve found (£15.99).

[Although I am still waiting for my pre-order to arrive and just checking again on Amazon it is down as out of stock. So I guess this exciting news flash isn’t really that useful].

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I have not a fucking clue?

(That’s not a bad thing, though, is it?)

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No, not at all, just interested

What does TS stand for in the title? I feel like I’m headed straight for the ‘slow to realise’ thread once someone answers this.

I dunno but they typed Thus Far in the topic so im assuming its either a typo of TF or a weird abbreviation I’m unaware of


Ah ok. that’s my most interesting contribution to the thread as my fave album so far is the depressingly predictable Run The Jewels all the Way to the (Phoebe) Bridge(rs)

Thu Sfar


Listening to new music this year has been a complete right off. Just haven’t had either the time or inclination to invest my time. However, based upon what I have heard, here is my top 5:

  1. Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
  2. Okkyung Lee - Yeo-Neun
  3. Beatrice Dillon - Workaround
  4. The Soft Pink Truth - Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?
  5. Katie Gately - Loom

Nation Of Language - Introduction, Presence
Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind
Caribou - Suddenly
Yppah - Sunset In The Deep End
Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

At the end of each year I create a playlist with my favourite 12 albums/EPs, it’s gonna be REALLY hard this year. Contenders:

Georgia - Seeking Thrills
Katie Gately - Loom
Princess Nokia - Everything is Beautiful
The Orielles - Disco Volador
Gezan - KLUE
Caroline Rose - Superstar
Onipa - We No Be Machine
Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
Joose Keskitalo - Nukkekoti
The Strokes - The New Abnormal
Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA
Lido Pimienta - Miss Colombia
Malena Zavala - La Yarara
Steve Hadfield - Unreality
Little Simz - Drop 6
Lady Gaga - Chromatica
Nihlioxica - Kaloli
Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure?
Park Hye Jin - How Can I
Kamaniu Silelis - 9

Haven’t listened enough to Sparks, Nadine Sha or Spirit Fest but they could all be up there too.


1: Nation of Language - Introduction, Presence

OMD style synth pop that is just huge and melancholy. Could really see these guys blowing up

2: Empty Country - Self-Titled

Just the lyrics on this one- dark and messy but they also break through into uplifting. The opening track (Marian) is the song of the year.

3: Infant Island - Beneath / Sepulcher

Technically an album and an EP but they were both released at pretty much the same time and both rule. Atmospheric metal/ hardcore that scratches that Deafheaven itch whilst really going to unexpected places.

4: Perfume Genius - Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

This came out within a couple of weeks of the new 1975 and I really think they both go to similar places. Really reminiscent of those 90s big swing for the fences albums by established artists that work in spite of the grandeur (New Adventures in Hifi/Achtung Baby Etc). PG is far better though, I can’t imagine anyone not finding something g to love here

5: Eerie Gaits - Holopaw

A genuinely beautiful ambient-ish album from the Wild Pink guy. I guess it kinda feels like Angelo Badalamenti/ Tunnel of Love era Springsteen.

Honourable mentions to Phoebe Bridgers, Bob Dylan, Pinegrove, Bombay Bicycle Club, Waxahatchee

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Nation Of Language is a great album, those who love 80’s Synth stuff like OMD should give it a try, in places it also has tinges of Cut Copy fronted by Matt Berninger of The National.