APAC Morning Thread

How’s it going guys?
What you got going on where you are?

Another warm one today (no rain this morning) but as typical as the rest of the week, we won’t be going outside apart from crossing the road to go to the aircon food court. I’m alright with that.

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Liking the fact that it’s spring, not looking forward to the birds attacking again.

Starting a three week holiday tomorrow going through the outback in a 4WD from Broome to Darwin.

Got a satellite phone off Gumtree to use if we get stranded and don’t want to die.

Gonna be fun!

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Are you worried you’re gonna die?
I’d be worried i’m going to die.
Don’t people get murdered out there?

Funnily enough, we actually pass quite close to Wolf Creek.

I’m a little worried about spider / snake bites, particularly while camping (tent folds out from the top of the 4WD and we sleep on the roof), but I think it’ll be fine.

Loads of people do the Gibb River Road, so it should be fine I think.

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Whereabouts are you then?

eek! No.
You’re just worried about bites? I don’t really want to see proper spiders or snakes.

I’m just in Singapore for work this week, fly home tomorrow night. But we’re thinking of moving out here for 6 months to a year in the next few years.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them, but in the built up / busier areas you barely get any snakes and the spiders are usually in places where they don’t get in your way.

Singapore felt like a massive Canary Wharf to me when I was there. Was only a few hours, but just couldn’t get over how similar the architecture etc. was.

Don’t think I’ve seen modern ostentatiousness on that scale before. An artificial canal through a shopping centre, a big boat straddled across the top of three skyscrapers. Didn’t sit well.

Was one of the places we looked at living, but ended up ruling it out as something about the ex-pat community being pretty much your only option didn’t feel right.

A German friend of mine who’s lived all over has been living there for years though, swears by it, so I’m sure it’s a lot different to live in than visit.

Either way, living abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made, would definitely recommend wherever it is.

Yeah it’s a strange place that feels too artificial and futuristic for me. And it’s absolutely tiny! I’m sure if you go out of the city a bit it has a lot of greenery and the gardens are super nice. Last night I went to Clark Quay and it was like being in Disneyland? Everything was immaculate and pretty colours and just felt like a big theme park when it was just boats and bars.

The thing that draws us to here is that we only want to live here for a short time to easily see Asia. A lady here who used to work in my office has been away 12 times in 6 months and we want that. Plus my bf is a mad golfer so he’d love it here and also it would be mega easy for both of us to transfer here with work for a short period of time!

Good point about the travelling. I love the fact that we can just go for a drive and go to places we’ve never been to before. Singapore’d would be better for that than Oz too, as getting out of Oz takes forever whichever direction you go.

If work would be funding (or part funding) it then that’d be awesome. Would be a great base for travelling with Changi having so many flight connections too.

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Morning guys. Hope you’ve had/are going to have a good day. I’m knackered.

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sick of this Melbourne weather - where the fuck is Spring?!?!?

Spring started Monday in QLD. Massive jump in temp from one day to the next. Just in time for us to go up north and burn alive. Apparently it gets up to 50 degrees celcius between the rocks in the Bungle Bungles. Sweating just thinking about it.

This has done me


It where Helen Daniels used to go every couple of years for an artist’s holiday and to pick up suitors in Neighbours.

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yep won’t really matter a great deal when you go up that way - Really fuckin Hot; Bloody hot; and a little bit less Hot

I think if we were going in the autumn, I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about it all, but coming out of winter, that sounds just fine to me.

definitely the time to go i’d say

not that you get much of a winter in Brisbane!

Yeah that’s our thoughts! We probably would just rent out our house whilst we live here for a year and do all we want to do. It’s very much a pipeline dream at the moment but we’re both totes up for it

I miss her.