APAC Morning Thread

Went to the pub last night. Going to bed now. Too old.
Edit: I have cake!


Cake wankers


Morning. Got no work on today but still woke up early ffs. Had a dream with TWO DiSers in last night, guess it was in honour of DiS’ birthday. Gonna get up and make coffee :coffee: then got band practice in a bit :guitar:

Don’t think I joined for a while so no cake for me BUT Facebook has just told me that a year ago I posted a link to the old DiS My Vitriol thread.

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Happy cake day!

So tired :sleeping:

Forecast in the Highlands: rain. Been here most of a week but only had one bowl of soup. What gives Scotland? Been to two ice cream places and they’re trying too hard with the flavours. Who’s eating donut flavoured iced cream? Place we went to yesterday had tomato and basil (guess that could be soup if I’d let it melt).

Plans for today: Maybe head for La Mirage (Temple to the pink goddess | HeraldScotland) although I hear it’s toned down a bit since Nancy died.

Otherwise, general roaming, try and get a walk in, etc.

Happy :cake: day all…

Had a bizarre dream in which I ended up in a punch up with an ATD’s Dad, after which my mate had to live with Rufus Brevett. Very weird.

Got loads of work to do today so I’ll probably spend the whole day on DiS.


Were you not scared of flying a few years ago? How did you get over it? That is some excellent work.

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Just checking to see if I’ve got cake


Saw a dog turd covered in slug trails.


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How d’you mean?

One whole year eh, we did it guys, we actually did it*

Not got much on today so will probably sneak a listen/watch of the :cricket:

*I don’t know what ‘it’ is.

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Bam reporting in for another fun day!

Fuck yes I’ve been paid for a huge job that took me two months. Gonna go shopping after work and have takeaway for dinner I reckon.


Should be getting paid on tues for an invoice i put in at the end of july :sob: need money ffs

You want MORE description here??


I’ve just ditched a client that always pays late and tries to bother me on Skype out of working hours, feels goooooood


i’m weighing one up at the minute. the job is a bit of hassle and the rate isn’t fantastic, if they pay late as well i’m gonna fuck em off

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guys why do we all have a birthday cake?