Aphex Twin 2018



Elephant & Castle tube station right now.

Clearly up to something. Could just be some shows, but a new album would be good, eh?

Aphex Twin. Field Day 2017

I just saw that in the Guardian. Apparently, Warp have confirmed that the adverts are real so it looks as though there is a new album coming out. Woo cha!


lets just take a moment to admire these beautiful posters


Yeah the artwork is absolutely top notch


Maybe if so, the @moderators could maybe turn this subthread into a new Aphex Twin 2018 thread pls :slight_smile:


Never heard of him


He better play live near me, at a convenient time and location, for a reasonable price, the dick.


Still angry about my mate bamboozling me into thinking he lived on the e&c roundabout


Welcome to 2018 everyone!


Cheers @ma0sm!




This is awesome news!


Hurray! I hope it’s better than the Cheetah EP. :-/




He’s headlining Club to Club festival in Turin, so IDK if this goes any further towards confirming new music or not


Someone pointed out this funny coincidence of guys wearing Aphex Twin t-shirts in TFL documents :joy:


rdj really has the guerilla marketing thing down to a fine art these days, eh?



Amoeba Records, LA


they haven’t really picked the other spots to put those posters as well. that one gets lost a bit


Be better If rather than London and LA he put them up in… i don’t know… Workington.