Aphex Twin 2018

Look like you can get a standard Bass Station for close to £300, so I guess you’re still paying a premium for the AFX branding. Like you say though, I would expect it to increase in value over time, depending on how many they’re actually making.

Where can I find those?

Love your playlists btw, thanks for sharing. Makes it a lot more manageable


you can get the whole library of tracks here:

and the playlists he made are listed on this spreadsheet.

I have them saved as separate albums but I’m away from home at the moment and don’t have access to the files.


Thanks! Sorry you already provided the info and I missed it!

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no probs, enjoy :slight_smile:

Did anyone listen to this? Great mix, interspersed with bits from interviews.


These are great. All I’ve been listening to this week. @Ella_Megablast

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no, I haven’t seen that - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

These are actually the main thing I visited at the time of the leaks, but it’s nice to have some playlists without the talking and stuff tbh.

zero, he did it for free

(according to the press statement he released)