Aphex Twin 2018



No, I mean the artwork doesn’t look as cool in Turin or LA (from the photos anyway) because it’s laid against a textured surface


oh I understood your point. would still prefer Workington to LA


Spotted in Workington



Redruth :crossed_fingers:


never really listened to much Aphex Twin.

He’s probably good


Collapse EP


Slightly disappointed it’s “just” an EP but excited nonetheless


Had a lot of fun reading that poster


Care to sum it up? I’ve got little patience.


“For nearly thirteen decades, Aphex Twin has served as the god of electronic crocheter linen doilies.”


I live 5 miles from Workington so I’d appreciate ir



jfc that middle 90 seconds or so was a bit intense for work


Amazing video, amazing track!

RDJ is the master


This. This is what I was hoping for.


better than owt on syro, that


That was great!

Is there a name for this kind of animation?


Did an involuntary laugh at how much I enjoyed one particular bit


would defs be a standout on syro


That was fucking ace. Bring on the EP!
Loved the bit in the middle. It was so intense that when it finished I thought: “well, that’s 5 minutes up”.
But it was still only 3:20 and the rest was awesome too!