Aphex Twin 2018

yeah, this is decentttt. nice to see Redruth all glitched up too!

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this is brilliant. video very much reminds me of this:

which is also utterly ace


I remember meaning to check this album out when it came out

Oh maaaaan

Tbf I don’t think I’d have been so bothered at the time, but it’s very in keeping with the kind of thing I’m very into rn


Such a great album. Come on Holly, new music please.

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:heart_eyes: video

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Sometimes I wonder if his ability to master the sequencing and programming of machines is like Steve Vai’s technical ability to wield a guitar; not anything but masterful, but is it still enjoyable.

And then he drops this. Fuck me. It’s like have wasps in your head throwing tennis balls at drumskins.


complicated. reminds me of

which involved building programmes to make the model move in time with the music iirc (i wrote about it in my dissertation but this was 15 years ago now


Lots of ace stuff on the animators site http://weirdcore.tv



Those who practice this sort of art on Tumblr just seem to call it glitch.

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That was absolutely :rofl: :exploding_head: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

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This is brilliant :smiley:

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Where did you go to uni?

wrexham of all places :smiley: didnt do owt with my degree in the end, graduated just before the ol’ credit crunch and couldnt afford to keep making my own films to build up a decent portfolio or do an internship or anything. actually got invited to a graduate show at aardman for one of my films but could only take my film down and set up a stall thing, couldnt hang around to talk to people about jobs and stuff coz i had to work a shift at asda :ok_hand:

Asda solidarity hombre (was doing the overnight shelf stacking and kitchen portering straight afterward when I finished uni) but also nooooooo.

(I only ask as at Keele we studied lots of Chris Cunninghamy stuff during the AV bit of my music tech course - it would have been the same time ish)

Are you making anything nowadays?

havent done any animation since graduating, havent had the time really. i was mostly into stop motion so its the space and kit as well. it was good fun tho. i just draw and do a bit of music now anyway.

i wrote about the gantz graf video coz i was comparing the way that was made (with a programme that manipulated the 3d model in time with various frequencies of the music) to how norman mclaren made his film synchromy in the 70s (he scratched directly onto the sound strip of film stock to make the soundtrack and then filmed it, so the soundtrack was creating the imagery). fucking insane film, norman mclaren was a genius


That was great! Must have been painstaking too!

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12" arrived today, packaging is vvv nice