Aphex Twin 2018



12" arrived today, packaging is vvv nice


1st 44 is an instant classic. love the footwork style




Lots of JLin in there - think he’s been playing some of her tracks in sets? It’s great


Oh, snap…

Bit irked that the first edition is literally 50% more expensive than the regular version, but it is pretty plus is actually a present for the thinly veiled :expressionless:


Long time forum lurker here

Just hopped in to say that I love Aphex Twin and this EP is absolute magic!!

This might be my first and last ever post (I spend time on watmm, but I also like a lot of indie music that’s why I lurk here, but one forum is enough for my lifetime)

Hoof It!!


Still annoyed I didn’t get the Syro special edition (although it was done by lottery). That’s going for £400 these.


This new ep is really good. I liked syro, wasn’t sure about cheetah, still working through the mega dump, but fuck I like this ep.


i dunno…for me, his glitchy fidgety stuff gets a bit samey after a while? like i listened through and a lot of it seems interchangeable with the soundcloud dump and much of syro. i love his more emotional work like, lush slow blips and that kind of thing. and of course SAW 1 is never far from my turntable.

maybe collapse is a grower.


SAW1 is always a game changer. I wasn’t super young when I first heard it but when I did it instantly buried itself in my brain and has never left.


Where does something like Richard D James album fall on that spectrum for you? Always been the album of his that does the most for me and balances his two sides most evenly.


I know you’re not asking me but I feel a that album is a good middle ground, best of both. I do like the more hardcore glitch stuff but it struggles to keep my attention over a whole record.




ya, this pretty much. i’m not averse to the beats themselves, but i feel like i’ve he can lean on particular synths and melodies a little too much in his later work. RDJ has that ideal blend of forward looking rhythms with brilliant musicality, grand.


I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan because I can take or leave a fair whack of his stuff, but when he hits the spot (for me Vordhosbn, Mt Saint Michel + St Michael’s Mount, Windowlicker), there’s nothing better.


I quite like the new EP.


So so so bad