Aphex Twin channelling Jim Corr again

That’s sad news and I think it’s reasonable to say he’s grieving and the lockdown will have had an impact on that, as it has on many. Hope he gets through this period ok and I don’t think people should read too much into what he’s said in that post

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I mean that’s awfully compassionate, and it’s v sad about his dad, but I don’t think that the two things are remotely related tbh

He’s propagated a bunch of conspiracy theory stuff in the past, it’s not off-brand. This is a ridiculous take from a man who has a habit of bad takes and is should be denounced not pardoned


Eh, I thought this was going to be an anti-vaxxer rant or him saying Harvey Weinstein was misunderstood or something, you can take issue with it for sure but it’s not that outrageous a statement


Yeah, he has a long history of being a bit conspiracy-lite. It’s what happens when you’re rich, have too much time on your hands, and spend ages getting into youtube/internet free speech wormholes.

They’re related because he’s chosen to relate them. He’s made a very rare public post and chosen to speak about the death of his father and about COVID-19 and the governments response.

It’s pretty much the definition of outrageous to incite rebellion against during a pandemic

“Police state” ffs

"Hey I’m really enjoying the new Ian William Craig album…

…Oh and by the way, did I tell you I like celeriac?"

This is not relating two things, it’s talking about 2 separate things in one conversation

M8 I don’t think we’re going to see hordes of people rioting in bucket hats and with glow sticks tbh

That’s alright then

Let’s all say stupid offensive things because we aren’t newsreaders or something something something

Obvs we should be looking at how the government uses it’s powers during and after this.
Not sure Aphex Twin is going to bring about a rise of people ignoring rules about staying indoors.

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WATMM incels are very suggestible shyguy2013

I don’t know this acronym :(((((((

Oh. Yes I do.

living inside a bank vault probably didn’t help matters either

There is literally an example of a constitutional coup by a strongman leader going on in Hungary under the guise of “necessary measures against Covid-19” that has happened this week. Yes, there were steps that led to this before, but this is a perfect situation for a wannabe strongman to reluctantly impose a permanent police state.

I’m not arguing that he isn’t paranoid or wormholed by wealth/youtube in general, but this is exactly the kind of situation where a police state could come into force, even in the UK.


Can’t really fault anything RDJ has said in either instance to be honest

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Yeah, I mean Viktor Orban’s leadership and Hungarian political history is definitely comparable here

You’re a 9/11 truther too? Fucking A man