Aphex Twin. Field Day 2017

Plus among those that grew up with him his reputation as a difficult live act/troll precedes him

I’ve seen him a few times. He won’t be doing the kind of thing he did at the Barbican, surely. I saw him at a Nesh night and he basically played a Jungle set. Was good, but could have been anyone.

yeah fair point he’s no Skepta :wink:

i just want to add that I was there, upstairs too.

OK thanks for reading.

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I thought you looked familiar…

It’s a good poster.

Dice seemed to suggest this was the full line up. If that’s the case, difficult to see who is actually headlining (Flying Lotus?). I would have put money on the XX playing.

Still think it is a mistake having this the same weekend as Primavera.

Moderat maybe? Hard to say.

I kind of liked the two day Field Day thing. The Saturday for youngsters who like their electronic. The Sunday for oldies that tend to like indie. I’m an oldie. Unless they pull a huge band out of the hat for a headliner on another stage I’ll give it a miss this year. I’ve been to three Field Days. Enjoyed them all.

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Yeah. They’re good and King Gizzard are fun live too but I wouldn’t part with £60 for the current line up with the expectation of it being packed as it’s just on one day.
The Sunday last year with PJ Harvey, Beach House, Brian Jonestown and The Avalanches as huge big hitters for me made for a brilliant day. Even in the mud and rain.

Slowdive and Aphex are gonna be playing at the same time aren’t they

Like you, I prefer indie over electronic music - at least in a live setting. And Flamingods, King Gizzard, and Slowdive are quite a trilogy. Add Silver Apples, Flying Lotus, Nicolas Jaar, and Aphex Twin (who I’d like to SEE, even if, as promised above, he’s not so hot) and it’s quite tempting. Plus the lower cat on the picture looks exactly like one of mine, which helps.

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Good lineup. Can’t make Primavera so think I’ll do it. Silver Apples, Happy Hopkins and Slowdive will be worth the trip.

I also liked the quieter Sunday vibe having been to several of the hectic early years editions. Would enjoy Slowdive and Flying Lotus very much, but not sure I’m that motivated go to Field Day to catch them.

Also, in fairness it rained for about 15 minutes on the Sunday this year :closed_umbrella::shower:

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Were you there on the Saturday? Felt a bit like the Day After Tomorrow or something.

You’re right actually. Short burst of rain during Brian Jonestown Massacre. It was muddy as hell on some parts of the site from the Saturday and Sunday morning’s early rain. Always fun watching idiots trying to walk through two inches of mud in flip flops or canvas shoes. I guess dumbasses wanted to dress for a festival irrespective of conditions.

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I was not…

Please vote for (The?) Aphex Twin Blue Plaque…