Aphex Twin. Field Day 2017

Went to a thing in a new venue near Haggerston the other night where Ninja Tune’s DJ Food played 2 hours of Aphex with visuals. Highly enjoyable as you can imagine…

What’s the deal with Field Day? Seems to be a bit of negativity towards it on here, I’ve never been before, but very tempted by that line up!

Couple of things I guess, often oversold which leads to massive queues for drinks/toilets etc.

Also means it can occasionally be quite difficult to see slightly more popular acts and not be stuck outside the tent.

Sound quality varies quite a bit.

Personally I quite enjoy it but I treat it as more of an opportunity to stroll about in the sun fingers cross and catch couple of bands here and there.

The overselling and awful sound mostly. Thought turning it into a two-dayer really sorted that the last couple of years but now it’s one day again I’m not going to bother.

Just had a proper look at the line up for the first time in a while. I’ll be happy if I get to see all/a combination of the following:

  • Aphex Twin
  • Death Grips
  • Forest Swords
  • Nicolas Jaar
  • S U R V I V E
  • Thee Oh Seas

Seen before but happy to see again:

  • Run the Jewels
  • Flying Lotus
  • Jon Hopkins (DJ set)

Warp records just posted this. Not sure what it means.

Presumably doing a show on NTS

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Aphex Twin’s shed is up.

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Clashfinder’s here: Clashfinder :: Field Day 2017?

Not really any clashes for me so I’m quite chuffed.

Glad I’m not going now. At festivals, I’m an all or nothing sort of person. I don’t like leaving halfway through a set, or arriving halfway through. Choosing between Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Slowdive and King Gizzard would be hard.

Death Grips at ten to five in the afternoon :grin:


That could be for the Creamfields thing there this weekend?

It’s probably for both, if not all Vic Park festivals over the next couple of months. They keep the fencing up for a couple of months and they’ve been banging on about this new ‘hanger’ at Field Day since AFX was confirmed.

Very much looking forward to this Saturday. Pretty much sorted who I want to see on which stage but its struck me that other than Thee Oh Sees I don’t really know any other bands on the Shacklewell Arms stage.

Any recommendations?

S U R V I V E are you Stranger Than Things lads, Carpenter-esque synthy electro if you’re into that kind of thing.

I’ve never listened to King Gizzard & The @WizardLizard but people seem to really like them on here.


The Flamingods are my favourite band of recent years. They’re from Bahrain, and I want my life to feel like they sound:


Quite like this, might be my post-Arab Strap band

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I really want to see them but they’re clashing with Nic Jaar :sweat: Don’t make me choose!

Brilliant, love it!

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Still a few days for the stage times to change slightly so with any luck this might swing in your favour.