Aphex Twin. Field Day 2017

Björk still owes Primavera a gig…

Jesus. Take my money.

Also, that bodes really well for Primavera. Assuming The XX won’t play again so soon but if the rest do, that is 4 big headliners.

They could have a cancellation special. Bjork, Frank Ocean and Guided by Voices would make for a good festival

it would make a better Saturday night in.

is this actually for real?

Doubt LCD will they only played 2 years ago

I dunno. They’ve had a new album out since then so I think if Primavera were offered them they’d book 'em (again). Arcade Fire headlined in 2014 and 2017.

(I think we may get the Primavera line up this week btw).

Band of Horses cancelled in 2013 too. Deerhunter replaced them, which was far better in my book.


All real - my friend works for Goldenvoice. Remain shows will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

Might be worth throwing this up: https://www.elconfidencial.com/cultura/2015-12-20/por-que-todos-los-festivales-se-parecen-tanto_1123327/

Liam Gallagher’s just announced a gig at Finsbury Park in June so I imagine there’ll be a bunch of stuff there over the summer. Not sure about Field Day though.

Would there be any room for Field Day if this APE thing is on at the same time? Or will it get moved back to August time ?

Field Day’s confirmed as first weekend in June, so they’ll be running at the same time.

Not sure how this’ll affect both lineups, they’ll probably be bidding for a lot of the same bands doing the rounds next summer.

Maybe not if they only have 1 stage per night then they would only need 60 ish bands?

Both festivals will have the same audience though. You need a decent amount of punters for a festival otherwise it gets cancelled.

Imagine Field Day would go even more down the dance route, like this year, to lessen crossover.


Brockwell park…


Brainwaltzera (aka Aphex Twin - Possibly) just posted this on FB…