Apocalypse Thread

Friday afternoon good vibes in here!

One day, whether it’s tomorrow, in 30 years or millions of years from now, the human species will end and everything that anyone’s ever spent any time doing will be obliterated. Nuclear war, climate change or the Milky-way galaxy colliding with Andromeda, armageddon is in the post - there is no possible escape.

Do you think the last human will know that they’re it? There would be a lot of pressure to say something profound in those circumstances.

Chances of them saying “OH FUCK” before they’re turned into a pile of radioactive dust are pretty high I’d imagine.

Could they tag a corpse?

I’m my experience they usually figure out that it’s about to happen after you make the Archives run.


That’s probably what it will look like isn’t it

I’ve got Kendrick Lamar tickets for next weekend, so hopefully it’s not before then. Although if we take that kind of approach we’ll be delaying it forever.

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Whenever and however it happens, I’m convince it’ll be @anon5266188’s fault for naming himself like that.

Hey! What is this! Attack Tone Day or something!?

That’s next Friday.

what’s your preferred apocalypse style?

  • a big explosion and we all are all instantly blown to smithereens
  • a slow and brutal breakdown of society requiring us all to live like feral animals

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I think I’ll book it off in that case!

Actually, I won’t be in the office next Friday anyway actually! Ha!

The explosion would be good to see (like, visually spectacular), but the slow breakdown is more interesting.

Have other people been doing that? I’m sorry if I’ve inadvertently taken things too far!

I hope you enjoy your day off (or whatever you have planned)

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perhaps something a bit like Melancholia where we all know it’s coming, resulting in a society breakdown for a bit when we all freak out and money and property cease to have any meaning - then a good ol fireworks show at the end?

Visiting the site for our new office, it’s probably going to be boring but thank you.

Lots of people think I am a liar

Oh - I completely missed this. Probably wouldn’t have gone in with the studs showing if I’d known.

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If I’ve got a choice I’m going for big explosion followed by a decent number of survivors (say 10% of the earth’s population) battling to survive.

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