Apparently John Lewis have a pick'n'mix Quality Street option

Personalised tin and your favourite flavours £15
Collector’s edition tin and your favourite flavours £12
Re-use your personalised tin and choose your favourite flavours £10
Standard pre-filled tin £10

It actually says it’s ‘back’ so I guess I’m way behind the times.

Looking at the options there aren’t many I’d actually be putting in my personal tin

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They were doing them pre-pandemic, too


Skipped a year, eh? Still, I’m surprised I didn’t find a thread about it. Maybe created by a since-deleted user as I also couldn’t find a thread titled ‘Quality Street’ and I was sure we’d had one where there was a lot of discussion about the good ones.

Is £10 a normal price for that tin in supermarkets? In my head I’d be thinking more like 6 quid but not actually sure the last time I looked into buying one.

From 2018:

The bespoke tins, which are 1.2kg, will cost £12 – roughly a fiver more than you can expect to pay for a regular tin of this size

So 7 quid normally? Obviously 3 quid extra (if you bring your own tin and assuming no inflation in the last three years) isn’t worth it just to avoid the shit ones, I think. There are always relatives/visitors/colleagues that like what you don’t.

Shame they can’t more closely equalise the price.


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Oh. Well if I want Quality Streets I’d have to go to the British Depot or off Amazon for £17 for a regular box or £29 for the special tin! So yep, I would absolutely buy a tin that you can pick yourself for 12 quid!!

And why the FUCK isn’t this at the Leeds John Lewis?!

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for me as I am a child


Vanilla fudge and orange creme?

People in Leeds aren’t going to be paying £5 just to have particular flavours in their Quality Streets tin.

strawb and orange creme I thought


that way I can eat 3 or 4 then feel sick and the tub will last for ages

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I’m in leeds so they deffo would


My mistake. Always figured the “no one in the North would pay that much for a pint of beer” mentality so often displayed here when someone mentions the cost of their London pint would be carried over other things :smiley:

Massive fan of the cath kidston roses tin this year, might be just at ocado.

Anyway, I’ll just have a full tin of ornage crunch please.

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Just buy a load of this surely?

Oh my sweet summer child.
You should see the craft beer thread we’re all paying £8 a1/3rd


Christ. That doesn’t seem legal.

I recall just basking in my sub-£2 pint of Ayingerbrau (as was) in a Leeds Samuel Smiths many years back. Was a beautiful use of cash.

Someone wearing a boom box playing the REM song on repeat throwing them in the air out of the tin to the people following them like the pied piper

Someone commission this