Apparently Raiders of the Lost Ark is on BBC1 right now

Which bright spark decided that then? Everyone except teacher wankers is still at work. Fuck off Beeb!

FUCK. I just want to be at home watching it right now.

If your Secret Santa is reading this:

can confirm that I am watching it right now AND I am not a teacher wanker either

Ah ffs. Will hopefully catch it next year.


what scene are they up to?

literally about to get on the boat with the ark

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Bet that Nazi having his face melted won’t be shown at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Haha! - Unlucky, teachers!!

Guaranteed that’ll still be shown. I remember watching it over Christmas dinner at two o’clock a few years back.

you win this round



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Good news! Temple of Doom is on same time tomorrow!

Kind of admire Harrison Ford’s slight disdain of fan worship of Indiana, Han and Deckard.

“Bladerunner? Turned up. Said some lines. Went home.”

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Ffs! The best one as well!

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I dunno, it’s no Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Im at home but instead I am watching Dickinson’s Real Deal

An offensive middle-aged man with a melting face

It’s on the iplayer for 7 days for those that missed it (i.e. me)

Get in!