Apparently that was all we're getting for rain


Thoughts? 28 deg c on Friday


For FUCKS SAKE :triumph:


just got shitloads of it here. enough to do us for a month i reckon. bring the heat back.


Good. Fuck the rain. Want sun for the rest of the year now please.


YES, that’s just in time for me touching down in London for a couple of weeks :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hope it rains


Hang on, why am I buying this? Anonymous person on the internet starts getting all “apparently” and I just go along with it. Very foolish of me.


Got some thunderstorms predicted for my neck of the woods in the morning, but seems to be all clear after that for now. Things look a little less parched outside, so I am ok for a bit more hot weather though I am definitely going to end up forgetting to water the plants after the few days I’ve had off from doing it.


Hope it BURNS




I’ve been working on my weather machine


It was nice to have a rainy sunday, very relaxing, but starting to miss the summer. BRING IT ON!


i was at indietracks this weekend (well, saturday night and yesterday) and i think that was enough rain for me

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For now.


can’t wait for the heat death of the universe


Lol suckers

Heatwave II on its way




Godfuckingdammit I hated the heat so much but I’m not liking the cool so much either



what is wrong with people that they want more sun. had to check this wasn’t an old thread