Apparently there are loads of ladybirds


But I’ve not seen one this year, whats going on?


I don’t understand


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My mom and dad have had a load in their house.

The past 2 years, we’ve had loads of them coming in through the vent above one of the windows in our living room. This year? Nada.


saw a big tree at the park full of the chinese ones (great bunch of lads)
most i’ve ever seen in one place. found one in my rucksack when i got home


i’ve hardly seen any this year


Marvin Gaye was really clutching at straws when it came to writing the 10th verse


Fucking hell, mate.


There are a lot about it seems

One landed on me while I was cycling on Sunday - another landed on my daughter the other day


Our meeting rooms are PLAGUED with them (just saw a plague of three on the ceiling!)


My thread is about me not seeing any, yours is about seeing loads


They come inside at this time of year. Then they die. Then they mummify. Then I step on them.


There are still two of them lying, deceased, at the bottom of the table lamp next to my sofa from last year.


really? I can’t see any here??


Went on a walk in Somerset on Sunday and we were all covered in ladybirds for most of it. True story.