Apparently there's a leak coming from my flat

And a plumber* is going in now. If some kind of emergency workperson had to go into your abode right now before you could hide the evidence, sex swing etc. How mortified would you be?

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* yes, i know

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The dog would rip them to shreds before they found…the stuff.

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Actually on balance I think my place is fine.

Whatd be the main source(s) of embarassment (anon)

  • Sex things
  • Nerd stuff
  • Cleanliness
  • Mess
  • Undies
  • Other?

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Oh god, i didnt make my bed

Pathological tidiness

Good thread. We have two inquisitive children so unless they started digging up floorboards, the massive gak stash is safe.


hope your shits not all ruined btw


I always imagine my kids having to let themselves into my flat to get me a book, toothbrush etc cos I’ve had a funny turn and ended up in hospital whilst I’m out - and tidy my flat so I’m not going to be shamed if that scenario were to actually happen

Usually this means tidying away smoking and herbal paraphernalia


Yeh just the massive pile of all my clothes in my bedroom - but that shames me on a daily basis more than anything else.

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All the drawings I’ve done of buff plumbers


Same, except replace ‘rip’ with ‘lick’

Laptop unlocked and Jeff Buckley thread left open


If you walked into a stranger’s bedroom and saw that they had a spare mattress covering the one window, you’d

  • Think it was fine
  • Think they were very weird
  • Call the rozzers
  • Kill jester

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They’re only #possessions, maaaaan


we had a couple of guys round to install a smart meter a month or so back. Hadn’t considered they’d need to look at the boiler, which is of course in the bathroom, through our master suite. I yelled up to that gnome, who was upstairs getting ready, saying one of the guys was going to need to get through the room. My thinking was she was getting ready and just needed to be decent, completely not thinking about devices that may or may not but very much were still strewn across the room. An urgent “NOOOO!” came bellowing from upstairs, as that gnome scrambled to gather everything up and tidy it into sex cupboard. A, while, shall we say, later, confident that she’d been successful, I showed the chap through to the boiler, receiving some fiercely unimpressed looks from that gnome.

Thinking little more of it, I sat around while the meters were installed and the guys left. shortly after they had gone, a furious and mildly embarrassed gnome stormed downstairs hollering “I FORGOT THE STUFF TIED TO THE BEDPOSTS, YOU DICK!!!”


And now we have a topic ready for tomorrow’s filth thread.


Generally value privacy of my space very highly, so would be mortified just to know someone could be seeing what colour my walls are and things like that even before thinking about mess, etc.