Apparently there's going to be a NEW Warhammer 40k!

I just got an email about it and thought lots of you would like to know.

what like a new colour space marine?

Do you think the market for this sort of thing is sustainable, Dr Epimer?
I just can’t fathom how it hasn’t all folded in on itself yet.

Reckon it’ll be a new ruleset, like they did with Age of Sigmar and fantasy. But I dunno, I’m no expert.

Also, *Space Marine™

Warhammer 40,001?


They seem to be going after the hobbyist market, i.e. people who like the miniatures rather than the games.

They’ve managed to take the piss out of their core fans for years and years without folding, so city centre rental costs aside, it seems like they’ll be fine.

I wrote and abandoned a reply to this as it gave away how fucking nerdy I was in a past life and also how much I am still aware of it. Just for your fyi



Was going to ask if they’re literally blowing up the old continuity like Warhammer Fantasy but you’ve already answered that.

FWIW, I think 40K has some of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy world building of any franchise, even if most of it is massively cribbed from other things.

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I actually dunno, I’m speculating solely on the basis of a three line email telling me there’s going to be a seminar about it, but I’m far, far too cool* to attend it.

*I’ll be playing Netrunner in another room at the same event


19 sided dice?

Mate, that’s where grimdark comes from.

I understand that one of the criticisms of 40k is that it actually doesn’t use dice with enough sides.

The rules are insanely bloated and need trimming down (which theyre doing). The idiots you get playing now put people off, so needs to change.

What they did to fantasy has earned them loads of money, but players like me have left, so they’re going for a midpoint this time…sensibly.

Could (and have) literally spent hours lost in this and I haven’t played / collected for years:

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Hopefully this one will be PETA approved.


So they’re going to attempt to make a vaguely competitive ruleset rather than the “idk, decide amongst yourselves” thing?

They’re introducing a strip poker mechanic to the game