Apple Earbuds - consumer advice

The Boy has an iPhone and wants wireless earbuds for Christmas.

  • Do I have to buy Apple ones?
  • If not, what’s the best option?
  • Where do I go to buy them?


get him a bat and a ball


Get him one of those big wheels and a stick and he has to chase the wheel down the road with the stick or whatever


Like the one I had when I was a kid?

Serious answer:

How old is he? There are definitely better options out there but he might not see the benefits of them if he’s just really set on having the ‘cool’ Apple ones.

Nah, like the ones they had in the olden days

A really funny thing to do (which would be great Dad work as well) would be to stick some cotton earbuds in an apple, pop that in an actual Apple Earbuds box and then wrap that up and give it to him.

I don’t think the Apple label is a deal breaker

Our get an actual apple and stick some cotton buds in it like some sort of obscene Christingle

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personally for the same price i would go with any other well-known brand (i.e. your B&Os/Bose’s) - a less well-known brand that i swear by is RHA:

but yeah, just wanted to check as i know how it is sometimes with school-age kids that they just want the same thing as everyone else sometimes and won’t be swung by the argument ‘ah, but the sound quality of these is actually better…’

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I’d say don’t get individual earbuds. One will get lost before new year - get him wireless earphones, but that are attached with a neck wire.

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Just get him the game every boy wants



^This. He already has wired phones…

i get bullied by my (c. 30 year old) mates for having wireless headphones with a neck cable (luckily i am old enough to handle the peer pressure)

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In which case my response, which I’m practicing for about ten years time which this will apply to me, would be “Have you seen how much those things cost? I’m not made of money you know”