Apple Music 100 Best Albums

Apple have gathered some experts or more than likely just asked Zane Lowe what are the 100 best albums of all time (and are available on Apple Music)

10 announced per day apparently until next Wednesday. Go forth be annoyed/not arsed about this endeavour now or from next Wednesday onwards.

Burial is not better than usher

Ahm oot


100: “Body Talk” - Robyn
99: “Hotel California” - Eagles
98: “ASTROWORLD” - Travis Scott
97: “Rage Against the Machine” - Rage Against the Machine
96: “Pure Heroine” - Lorde
95: “Confessions” - USHER
94: “Untrue” - Burial
93: “A Seat at the Table” - Solange
92: “Flower Boy” - Tyler, The Creator
91: “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1” - George Michael

Really hope you had to type those out. Cause that website isn’t letting me to do anything, apart from ask if I wanted to sign up to Apple Music, at which point I gave up.

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Um, thanks? I just copied and pasted them from here

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Jeez I’m old. Haven’t heard any of these

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That’s right… he’s MILES better.


That’s just cheating. Just had visions of you typing it out and trying to decide whether to capitalise ASTROWORLD or not and it amused me.

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I See You Dancing GIF by NoireSTEMinist

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Calm down, Philly ... did you really think the Eagles were never going to lose another game? | PhillyVoice


cut The Eagles, Travis Scott and Lorde from there and those are all good

obviously any attempt to make an all-time top 100 is silly and futile, but it’s fun to see things that aren’t your usual canon fodder :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You know who Eagles and RATM and George Michael are… right?

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There’s a video

Guessing it’s going to come out in a longer form as they X factor the shit out of some albums.

number one is greta van fleet


I wanna say it’s a bit, but I don’t know DiS people’s ages and tastes very well, so… :man_shrugging:

You havent heard
“Rage Against the Machine” - Rage Against the Machine ?
it came out in 1992 :smiley:

Ah man. Guess I should just go away.

Was just meant to be a light hearted self depricating post about being out of touch about what is considered the greatest music ever.

Of course I’ve heard of all these records I just happen to have never listened to any of them including ones released 30 years ago

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Nah don’t go away, it was just a bit of lighthearted mirth.
(Do listen to RATM tho :wink: )


Can’t see be here now making the cut


The fact they’ve put the fucking Eagles ahead of Robyn has me checked out already. Fucking idiots.

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