Apple Music

Has had a rebrand / reshuffle

Does anyone actually listen to their radio station?

Have had to swap to Apple Music because the Spotify app was so shoddy. Overall happy with it, but the personalised playlists are useless compared to Spotify, and the search feature is really weak too.

I found that Apple Music didn’t play nicely with my phone (an android) so switched to Spotify, which seems to work fine.

Quite like the radio station when there is an artist show. The artist lead shows have been great and you can tell that some of them really care about them, Jehnny Beth in particular gives a shit, and the Blonded radio shows has had fucking great music.

Will I listen to Zane Lowe’s or Matt Wilkinson’s nope.

Don’t stream shit though since I am an Mp3 luddite.

I’ve never subscribed to Apple Music, but I use the music app on my iPhone (filled to the gills with CDs I’ve ripped over the past 15 years of my life - properly titled and organised by myself) yet when I would ask Siri to play a song, say… “Siri, play Direction by The Cribs”, it plays it from Apple Music and not the song I have in my album collection? So I check out Apple Music and I can basically listen to anything on there (I wouldn’t, as I have Spotify and this doesn’t scrobble), yet I’ve never paid for it? I check my subscriptions and I don’t have it?

Is this because I own a shiny new iPhone and it’s a free feature? I’m probably shouting in the abyss here and should take my query to the Apple forums… maybe this happens to someone else.

I would literally only use Siri to set a timer for cooking and request music, but it does it the wrong way.


HAIM Time is a great show as is The Jehnny Beth programme and Chilly Gonzales did some great shows too. Every now and then Zane does an interview with an interesting artist. I guess I dip in and out but not an avid listener.

Thank you Tim Apple Music

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Only really listened to Blonded Radio, which is utterly phenomenal. I should listen to more.

That’s a lie! Time Crisis is also really, really great.