Apple release a $300 book about themselves



One of my personal heroes (I thankfully met twice) was Steve Jobs so I shall be picking this up as a memento to add to my collection. Not sure of peoples problem with it, you know you do not have to buy it right?


do you need a dongle to read it


ill wait and get next years slightly bigger version


Oh ‘Ha Ha’ very drole


Having met the great man three times I am all over this.


who, crablin??


We’re Crablin hot hot hot a Crablin hot.




This is very very apt


This will be a lovely tribute to Uncle Steve, my cousins said they already had a preview copy in the post so can’t wait to get stuck in :smiley_cat:


Are there any words in it, or is it just a $300 picture book of rounded corners?


i have dined with my good friend Steve Jobs (RIP) four times - so i will be getting this


You do not sound like the target market. Its a celebration of Apple design. Maybe when they grow more trees on Mars they will have enough paper to make a book with all the pictures of Android devices for you.


Holidayed with Steve 5 times - what a guy! I’ll be picking this up.


Having lived next door to Steve 6 times, I’m eager to pick up my copy.


Oh you lot are all very funny comedians. I don’t sit here making fun of all your Heroes (Morrissey etc.) so it isnt fair that you would spend time to make fun of a man I truly believe invented more life on this planet than God.


wanted to come onto this thread to be contrary and say i’ve preordered it, but it seems everyone has beaten me to the punch


Boy oh boy, that’s quite a price tag eh! It’s like, what is it made of gold or something?


Seriously, are there no words in it then? Haven’t seen anything to indicate there’s any actual copy in this. Seems like it’d be a better celebration of design if they wrote about each thing, the process, purpose etc, rather than just reprinted all their old publicity photos.

I think that’s what Steve Jobs, the guy I donated seven kidneys to, would want.