🍏 Apple World Cup: The Final 🍏

It’s finally here! Which is the apple of our eye?

  • Pink Lady
  • Golden Delicious

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Close one for me but it has to be the Pink Lady.


It’s not in the final


Not in the final, sorry!

I’m Pink Lady to the core.

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Ipod Touch probably.

Red delicious the best. Sadly they are hoping for their cousins to take it down.


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When did this poll happen btw, must have missed it. How is Granny Smith not in the finals?

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Granny Smith got knocked out in the group stages

Overpriced, corporate sponsors. Typical.


The fucking gall of Mert just to go straight to the finals of what could have been a great world cup. These Leicester fans let me tell you.

Jaime Vardy loves Granny Smith’s pass it along!

Braeburn (I know, not in the final)

Not in the final

Not in the final!

How do you like them apples?

Pink Lady


where may i view the preliminary rounds