#AppleEvent 💻


Hi everyone, Sean has asked me to produce some more advertising-friendly content, to further utilise our target markets and bring in some more “casual users”.

The #AppleEvent (please use the hashtag so that we can easily track content posted) is currently playing live, and can be watched here: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/october-2016/ or on your Apple TV.

So far they’ve announced:

  • New Apple Watch, Nike
  • Minecraft on Apple TV
  • New “TV” app

Currently preparing myself to be disappointed by the Mac update.

Microsofts Surface Studio looks pretty neat eh?


My new iPhone 7 + arrived today.
I’m glad I could contribute to this thread


Shit for pricks


Looks like they’re re-releasing the original PowerBook. They’ve lost the plot.


I’m very jealous! I’m still stuck on the 5S, though looking for a reason to upgrade. Would be interested to hear how you go without the headphone jack, and whether it will effect you at all? The only thing currently putting me off.


I’m posting here using my 5 as I left the fucking 7 back in the office.
Yeah I wasn’t sure about the lack of Jack either but hey ho, an excuse to buy some nice new headphones.
Should maybe take his to the disposable income thread :slight_smile:


who gives the slightest fuck


Hope they all explode


Would love it if they came out with ‘we’ve made the iPhone screen plastic so it doesn’t smash and tripled the thickness to increase battery life’


They’re finally entering the home console market


Not sure how often I’d use that new Touch Bar tbh


the truest thing said on the new site


Playing the theremin bit in good vibrations is the only application I could see it being used for


Oh thank god the Touch Bar is customisable. Sign of the times that this isn’t a given…


Using Photoshop on the new MacBook Pro could potentially be wonderful


upgraded from a 5s to a 7 a month or so ago.

the phone itself is lovely, like the new style home button and it feels great and is fast and well built. iOS 10 still has a few things to iron out.

However, the lack of jack is really annoying. the dongle is annoying and so I end up using the freebie headphones more than i like just out of convenience and will have to end up moving to a wireless set of decent headphones at some point in the future


The Photoshop integration of it was pretty neat (although don’t know how practical things like colour selection are with it compared with say, the Microsoft Surface Studio)


Ok so the prices are disgusting, even for Apples standards. 13" MacBook Pro has gone from £999 to £1449.


Any good headphones you’re having to throw out?


Idiot tax innit?