Why not treat yourself to a bottle?

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Massively overpriced for a start

Not on your nelly

It’s no apple tango

Well, this has been a bruising experience so far


Nothing worse than a bruised appetiser

Bloody love an Appletiser, the classiest of all the soft drinks. 100% apple juice. No idea how they do it.


I always thought it was Appletise, but apparently I’m wrongo!

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Fireball & Appletiser is very nice.

It used to be. Think it was different in different countries but then they brought everything into line at some point?

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Only just considered this might be a play on ‘appetiser’ except it doesn’t really have anything in common with that.

Wondered if it just a play on Tizer but that seemed weird but Wikipedia tells me that name is also about appetiser

Tizer is a red-coloured, citrus-flavoured soft drink bottled in Cumbernauld and sold in the United Kingdom. The name originally comes from the phrase “Tizer the Appetizer”. It was launched in 1924 by Fred and Tom Pickup of Pudsey[1] when it was known as “Pickup’s Appetizer”, and is the offspring of Vimto and Irn-Bru.

Anyway the upshot is I’ve been slow to realise a drink can be an appetiser.

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not as nice as Cidona but a close second

Beautiful stuff, shame it’s so expensive

Had a Cidona recently. They’ve taken all the sugar out of it. Shite.

The original shloer

Really want some apple juice now

Not appletiser though sorry

Appletizer is OK but only occasionally.

God i felt like a king having a bottle of this as a kid when we went to the pub. What a treat. Carried that treat feeling into adulthood even though im not convinced it’s even that nice anymore

This is how our kids feel when we’re out for lunch and Appletiser is a drinks option


In my top 5 soft drinks, a lovely counterpart to Orangina

I got your back @drastic_measures !!

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