Applicator tampons


Literally why


They wash up on the foreshore. It’s so grim.
I don’t want to say that they’re totally unnecessary because some women may need applicators, but I am prepared to bet that they are 80% unnecessary.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle about reusable applicators earlier this year.


Because lots of people can’t use non-applicator tampons?


It’s much easier and more comfortable to insert them.


Would really struggle without an applicator tbh


Because you’re worth it


It absolutely isn’t

@carmen: What reasons are there for that?


I’ve never been able to get them in properly without applicators. Can’t remember the last time I used them as I used to use pads before I started using Thinx, but if I was gonna go swimming during my period I’d need to use a tampon with an an applicator.

They can also be messier which is a problem if you’re in a public bathroom or have a heavy period, and for people with conditions like vaginismus it’s difficult to get anything up there at all. I’m sure they’re easier for some people with disabilities too.

Surprised at this thread tbh, I’m sure you didn’t mean it this way but it feels pretty period-shamy, we all have different needs.


My fingers are just too short :woman_shrugging:


Haha, I’m sure for some it isn’t but for me it definitely is!


I think I’d struggle without an applicator but I must admit I’ve never tried non-applicator ones. I haven’t used tampons for years anyway as i find them uncomfortable


same, I only use them if I’m stuck and I need to nick one of a friend! the non-applicator ones, I never seem to push them in far enough initially :grimacing:


Absolutely didn’t mean it like that, but can see how it might come across that way. It came from pure frustration at only being able to get applicator tampons when on holiday. Only really thought they were a thing in the US tbh.


Why don’t you like them, is it the plastic consumption or do you just not like the action?


I’ve never been able to use one properly, just ended up taking the tampon out the applicator and using it as normal.


Lots of anatomical reasons and I’d bet some psychological/ mental health related ones too. Two anatomical ones that spring to mind immediately-

  1. short fingers/ fat or broad hands. Unless you are very dextrous, you need to pinch the tampon and get it and the fingers holding it into your vaginal canal and then up into the correct place. It can be tricky.
  2. If like many people your vagina goes straight up and then curves to the side before meeting your cervix, it is very hard to turn the curve using the above method. Instead, it’s much easier to use the applicator, withdraw the empty applicator and the adjust position to the left or right by inserting a finger underneath the tampon.

funnily enough, it is waaay easier to insert a mooncup than it is to insert a tampon sans applicator, and get it into the right place.

Anatomical reasons aside, not all women are comfortable shoving their fingers up their fanny while they’re menstruating. Doesn’t bother me, doesn’t sounds like it bothers you, but we are not ‘all women’.


They’re absolutely not a thing here so I have never understood why they are needed, and I can never work them right. I also think the actual tampons inside the applicator tend to be of a lower quality.

I’ve certainly learned new things from this thread!


I always use non applicator, can’t use an applicator for some reason…it always comes apart or won’t slide like it should.

Mad prices for tampons in the USA innit @laelfy ?


Mad prices for everything! I paid $7 for a deodorant in a supermarket the other day. I’m haemorrhaging money here :cry:


Yep! My sister does hoarding of stuff on offer, and has a husband who hunts for meat provisions!