Applying for Internal Vacancies

I wouldn’t worry about it at all, doubt anyone would expect someone moving internally to move down a payscale, and in the public sector people making decisions on jobs are more detracted from the bottom financial line so are more likely to want tge best person for the job rather than the most affordable person for the job. Goid luck!

My part of the public sector have a tendency to advertise jobs with only the most vague details. Waiting to hear back about a job but really hoping they tell us what the job actually is before expecting us to say yes

Just got in to a response saying that if someone is the right person there will be scope for negotiation. Deadline isn’t until end of week after next and I have three days of leave at the start of the week so plenty of time to dedicate to getting the application right.

Need to bring it up with my manager now, but fairly relaxed about that as I think they’ll understand why I really want this job, and I’m genuinely not looking externally at all at the moment.

She ended the email by saying to let her know if I wanted to come chat about anything. Do you think that means if I have specific questions or just generally? I think the whole team has basically been redesigned as all the posts are advertised so the way it works may be changing slightly. Not sure what the etiquette is in terms of how much it’s okay to ask, and at what point you’re basically asking for interview answers.

Would it reflect badly on me if I didn’t ask for a chat? My god this is complicated. Need to respond to the email this morning really, so will have a look through the advertisement again and unless I can think of any burning questions I might just have to reply with ‘thank you for getting back to me, I’ll be in touch if I have any questions’?

This is so stressful :grimacing:

Thanks again for the help everyone :+1:

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I think a chat would show that you’re interested for the right reasons - ie interested in the job rather than applying for the sake of it or escaping a job you don’t like. Maybe if it’s a new team chat to them about what the plans are for it and how it might grow in the next few years?


pretty much anything, especially if the teams been reorganised. i’ve spent an hour with people who want to chat about a job app before, it’s fine

no but you’d be missing a trick

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Can you ever beat it? Is it a good idea to go into an interview when you’ve heard through the grapevine that they already have their desired candidate in mind and passively aggressively bring up equal opportunities, your awareness of conscious and unconscious bias existing in the workplace, etc?

Thanks, I replied dating it would be great if we could have a chat about the changes / the different work streams. Feel like I really have a good chance which is making it feel so much more :scream:

Will do lots of research over the weekend just in case they probe a bit.


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Eh? I’ve literally had zero involvement with this department. They almost certainly will have no idea who I am. Even if I had, how is that ‘nepotism’? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It was a general query, sorry for hijacking your thread.

Oh, okay. I’ve been turned down for jobs in favour of internal candidates before. Rubbish, especially when it’s clearly already pre-decided but they have to go through the motions for whatever reason. But not the case here - I might have an advantage in terms of knowing the organisation, but I haven’t worked in that area directly before. And there will likely be multiple internal candidates.

Having a desired candidate in mind isn’t the same as nepotism. If you’ve got a suitable candidate who’s already familiar with the role/team and who you know has the right skills and is reliable, of course you’d be thinking as a hiring manager that it would be ideal if they got it. Nepotism is hiring someone just due to a personal connection, not knowing you’ve got a really good potential candidate. You should still go for it, nothing’s guaranteed.

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Best of luck with it!

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I should have just said nepotism tbh, ‘desired candidate’ doesn’t really cover it. Would you bring up the things I mentioned or is that likely to just piss them off and kill any small chance I have of convincing them that I’m suitable for the job?

fucking sucks when you’re on the other end of it though tbf. went through one interview process of doing multiple tests and essays, got to the interview and it was a 5 minute chat in the lobby of the place and didn’t really have anything to do with the role at all. I emailed back confused and they said they’d already hired someone internally. my mate who worked there said this person had been hired and on the job before the interviews even took place.

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I can’t think how you’d bring it up in a way that wasn’t contrived and i think your best chance is to try to interview as well as you can. Is it possible that the potential nepotism hire is actually just a good candidate, eg someone high up knows them and wants to hire them because they’d be good at the job? My company has a whistleblowing function so if i heard a rumour about hiring policies being bent for nepotism i could report it anonymously, does your company have anything like that?

That’s ridiculous and they shouldn’t have wasted your and their time. I’ve been on the other end of it but I’ve also been the obvious hire in that situation and was well aware there were no guarantees (i did get the job but i understood they needed to be sure i really was the best candidate)

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My internal vacancy application is feeling more and more like a box ticking exercise, so it’s one of two things: they’ve already decided I’m getting the job, or they’ve already decided someone else is getting the job and they need to string me along to make it look like a fair recruitment process.

Don’t care either way tbqfh but it’s all a bit ridiculous.


fingers crossed for you dude!


Need advice again :scream:

Sent that Friday morning (asking if we could meet this week) and haven’t had a response yet. The deadline is Friday next week but I’m on leave for the first three days so would have to be this week.

Should I phone at the end of the day today? In a sort of 'no worries if you’re not able to…" kind of way? Don’t want to sound pushy, but it also might look like I don’t care /don’t put in effort if I don’t contact them again. There’s not a manager in post atm, so this person is quite high up.

Feel like they probably put it in just to be polite and didn’t expect me to take them up on it :man_facepalming:

Don’t be afraid to chase up - being persistent is a good quality in the workplace so don’t be afraid to show you are

When the boots been on the other foot and I’ve been the person hiring people for an internal role I’ve seen it as a black mark against a candidate if they don’t ask for a chat about the role. It’s really helpful to meet candidates in a less formal setting before interviews, and if someone doesn’t ask my assumption is that they are just throwing out applications for anything and are not really interested in the specific role