Applying for school places and being refused


Does anyone have any experience of this ?

Have you applied for a place for your child in a particular Infants school and failed in your application ? Does the system differ greatly in England than in Wales ?

To cut a long story short, we missed the application deadline and now face the possibility of our youngest not going to the same school that our eldest goes to even though we live on the same road as the school.

Or if anyone has successfully appealed against a decision and had it overturned I’d be interested to hear how they managed to do it.


You can appeal - we tried and failed - but if the kid is going to a different school to the sibling you may have good grounds.


You can still apply even if you missed the application deadline - did you speak to your local authority? Given that it’s application announcement day for most areas today, it might be a little bit late for this obviously.

I do know that in my boroughy, there were zero successful appeals last year.


I’ve applied today. Wife spoke to the local authority this morning and they said it was potentially over subscribed this year. Doesn’t look good. Completely our fault but will have massive implications for us if we can’t get him in to the same school as his big sister.


What are the implications?


No one tell him! He has to learn on his own.


well its a good school for starters, we live on the same road so it’s ideally placed. Our childminder will only pick up from this school (we live in a small village) so what the hell we will do about child care post school finish I have no idea. It will affect us for quite a few years to come if both kids are in separate schools. Might not sound like much but our current situation (dropping the eldest at one school, the youngest at nursery somewhere else) and paying for them both to be in child care after school until 6pm is at breaking point already. We were really hoping they’d be in the same school to ease our current logistical issues.


Forgot to apply.

I’m gonna have to go with “rules are rules” on this one


I have known people who have experienced this - best thing seems to be go beyond your comfort zone at badgering them. Contact the governors of the school, the head etc. write letters and ring them. If it is a church school contact the vicar or whoever. Although the process is not supposed to be like this I have heard of positive outcomes from this type of thing!

If all else fails you can keep her at nursery in Sept and hope for a drop-out or start a year later.

Presume you wouldn’t want to move the eldest?


i’m an adult, thanks


I hope you get a positive result in that case, but at the same time…leaving it until three months after the deadline to apply?



I know. I don’t want to blame anyone in particular but I’m going to. The wife said she had it covered. She didn’t. I reminded her and she still didn’t do it. There are circumstances that sort of explain why she forgot but nothing I want to post here. I did the form in about 25 minutes yesterday. So frustrating.


He can’t stay in nursery for another year as he’ll be 5 then and has to start this september. Moving the eldest isn’t an option either. Will definitely be employing the badgering tactics…


Our primary school has an extra “campus”, which is actually in a High School about half a mile away, right amongst all the smelly teenagers. We live around the corner from the main school itself but were told we couldn’t apply to a specific campus, that was for the school to allocate. They couldn’t tell us anything about how this was organised. Of course the letter arrives - we were allocated this other place. It took a lot of hassling the school and repeated calls to get it sorted out, but it was.

Missing deadlines, there won’t be any flexibility if the school is full. They can’t bump kids off because of that. I can only suggest getting on some kind of waiting list for spaces to open up and pestering regularly to see if there is an update. It could mean a few terms of waiting, but it should open up eventually.


If you wanted to be THAT guy, I have heard stories of people taking legal advice and forcing their application through. You probably wouldn’t want it to be your first option, but…


We will explore every option if we have to. Even though it’s late, there is no guarantee we would have got a place if the application had been on time as it’s over subscribed. We shall see…


thank you for your helpful advice. Your insight to this issue has been invaluble.


This tbh, if the school has all the places allocated then you’ve got to wait for someone to not take up the place they’ve been offered


My ex-housemate was a childminder and came across this exact same situation with a couple of local families. I’ll ask her how it played out for them when I speak to her tomorrow.

All of it makes me terrified to be a parent. What a ballache. How are you ever expected to know all this shit?

Hope it all works out x


Sounds to me like bad planning by the local authorities. Why isn’t the village school big enough to accommodate everyone in the village?

I’m being disingenuous here, sadly there will be people that live nowhere near the school who will have applied when they really shouldn’t have just because “it’s a good school”.

I’ve known people who’ve rented a flat in the centre of a city for 6 months just so they had an address to apply to the local school even though there were actually living a good 10 miles away.