Applying for school places and being refused


We are to blame for not getting the application in of course. But yeah, it’s the first year the school has been oversubscribed in recent memory apparently. A few people have moved their kids from other schools as well which doesn’t help. We live about 500 yards from the school gates so if it doesn’t work out it’s an absolute nightmare.


thanks, much appreciated.


Literally happening two houses up. Same people whinge about a lack of parking next to the school.


Just keep him in nursery till he is 18

Then send him to this site

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He is already more developed social skill wise than some people on here !




Well, it can be hard to park that many SUVs and people carriers in one place.

I wish people would stop being such cunts these days.



Live on same road as the 5-11 school in a tiny village. Local catchment area is VERY local. Doubt any of the fuckers actually walk. Park up/over my driveway sometimes. Always a 4x4, with one child. Always a fatarse too.

There’s a large ~100 space car park a 5-minute walk away for the community centre.


Eh, shit situation. Have you got anything you can use in mitigation for missing the deadline?

I think it’s worth putting your case forward anyway, regardless. Friends of ours managed to get their children into an oversubscribed school just by stating their case and waiting for a vacancy to come up, which happened a few days before the end of term.

In the worst case scenario, it might be possible to apply for a transfer as soon as possible within your youngest’s time at school.

Hope it all works out anyway.



As I mentioned in the Dadsnet thread, the catchment area for our local school is less than 300 metres. Yet despite this, every morning and afternoon the roads around it are gridlocked by school traffic - WHERE ARE YOU DRIVING FROM?!?

Additionally, the main entrance for the school is on a one way road. The amount of times I have seen a parent drop off a kid on the zig zag lines outside the gate and then try and reverse back down and out of the road…


No advice to offer but regardless of fault, sounds a fucking nightmare. Good luck resolving it.