Applying for UK Citizenship


Anyone done this? Would like to PM about stuffs if so!


Good luck Xylo!


thank you buds. it’s our way of battening down the hatches before whatever the fuck comes


Would that be for dual nationality? Because if not, then it might end up restricting what you can do post-Brexit.


it would, it’s A applying for a brit passport alongside her french one.


Ah, okay. Good luck!


Thanks man! She already has a british degree which means there’s no need for an english test. Has to take the life in the UK test though. Just trying to find out about any potential pitfalls/hidden costs before we kick this into gear.


I’ll sell you my passport for a car battery and four multipacks of pepperami


If you need a Commissioner of Oaths for anything - specifically, any oaths that night need commissioning - then I’m here for you.


pepperami ain’t cheap buddy




No, and the price for that kind of highly-processed long-lasting meat is only going to go up from March.


This isn’t a joking matter, xylobert. I take my Oathing responsibilities very seriously.


pull the oather one


That’s it. You’ll be co-miss-ioning out on my oath services from now on.


oather my dead body!


Mrs Z did it a few years back. It’s EXPENSIVE.


groath misconduct


yep. current cost is just shy of £1400. I’ll PM you a few questions if that’s alright my dude?


oath (oof)