Applying/removing capo mid-song?

The problem with a clamp style capo is that is you need to go from no capo to capo during a song. The bluegrass community is unanimous in using one of those ones that sits on the neck of the guitar and you move it about and screw it tight. It takes longer than to clamp, bit while your playing without a capo it can sit just over the nut waiting for you so your left hand doesn’t need to go anywhere away from the neck to pick it up and get it in position. With practise you can do it pretty quick (I can’t)

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I’m having some luck with the ‘glide’ capo. Stick it behind the nut, then quickly roll it to required fret

Seems like the best option so far.

If you needed to change positions rather than on/off/on, it would be even quicker.

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