Applying to study in Germany



Has anyone here done it previously? I’m currently applying for my masters but there seems to be a lot of hoops to jump, which may just be dependent on the Uni but if anyone can help then much appreciated!


A MA in English?


Yeah exactly (well North American Studies but taught in English)


At least you don’t have the clear the hurdle of the TestDaF then.


Exactly. It seems like I just need to provide proof of my BA but I think I may have to ask my uni for another copy rather than photocopy? Or just scan my degree?


They might want a transcript of all your modules etc. I haven’t applied for a course myself, but I know they love comprehensive transcripts over there, esp as a lot of people take a long time to complete their degree and do a module here and there and then a semester temp working etc to rack up enough credits to pass.

Oh and they love officially stamped copies of things in Germany.


Yeah they have mentioned that but then don’t make it a required question or what have you. It seems like just the final degree/grade will suffice… anyway I’ve asked FUB was just in case anyone had specific advice!