ApprentDiS sign up thread - 14th + 21st January

Lord Alan Sugar Daddy wants you to go out and make him some bladdy money!


Introducing… The ApprentDiS, two days of teamwork, creativity, innovation and competence (or subterfuge, ill judged ideas and rank incompetence. Up to you!). The competitors who fuck up the least will get an opportunity to present their business plan to Shuggs and potentially get an investment of that Sugar Daddy money.

16 people may participate and you’ll receive a PM with some info required. Please only sign up if you’ll be on DiS in the day throughout Friday 14th January and Friday 21st January.

  • I would like to participate
  • I just like to watch you guys

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I haven’t really thought this through at all so it should be a full-on shambles that I’ll be making up as I go along.

How many hours we talking on those days?

Would join but at work init x will take pleasure in watching x

It will be active from 9am to 5pm - each ‘episode’ will be about two hours each. I’ll put together a template about the tasks for each day that can be filled beforehand so that if anyone is busy for the full two hours of an ‘episode’ they can still participate through me posting with pre-filled answers on your behalf - just let me know when you won’t be available so I can avoid making you team leader or subteam leader as these will be more active roles.

I’ll make a Google doc too so people can indicate their availability and I can choose team leaders etc based on that.

(I’ll share a more detailed brief about the format at lunch)

This is a superb idea! But I’m working throught the day on both of those days and I can’t say when I will or won’t be available (when I post through the day I shouldn’t be really and only do as a little distraction from work) so I can’t commit I’m afraid as much as I want to


Understandable! Xx

Agreed, it sounds great but I’ll be enjoying Friday evening and then sleeping so, with respect, I’m fired!

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Potentially interested - I’m working this Friday but off next week. I’ll await the details you’re going to post later and see if it looks like it’ll fit in with my day.


^this for me also.

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Ah sorry not sure I can commit! I will do classic apprentice audience of lolling at the mishaps

Thats ok, i think i might have tried to be too ambitious here

Gonna think how it might realistically work

Another one for the crew who would like to take part but I will be working for Friday