Apps for GPS tracking (boring thread)


I want people to be able to track me. What’s a good way to do it? Like this ice cream man in Hastings does (it’s so if people are late for my tours they can find me so I don’t want anything like find my iPhone type stuff where we need each other’s numbers etc)



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I can’t come back with a pun as I’d like to but this can now be a Hastings pun thread.

This seems to suggest that you can provide a link and people will be able to see your location on Google maps for as long as you want (up to 72 hours), if that’s any use?

Hmm, I think there was a reason I wasn’t into this one. But I can’t remember what it was. There was one where you could set days and times to be tracked. So between 11 & 1 on sundays would suit me, but I can’t find what it was or even if it was good.

You could fire a flare gun into the air at 5 minute intervals?