Apps you have on your phone that you never use

And yet have somehow not uninstalled.

7 Minute Workout is up there for me. Pokémon Go too.

None. I run a tight ship.


Commendable. Very commendable.

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DiS Platinum

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just all the google shit that it won’t let me delete


Can’t fathom why I’d have installed SoundCloud at any point and yet it’s on there.

Angle Meter (??)
Jetpack Joyride (??)
Uber and Uber Eats

Deleted them all so I only have about 4

gonna delete them now

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Greggs, because I heard you got a free coffee for installing it. I had my free coffee and haven’t touched it since.

MyFitnessPal, which I should use but ADMIN.

Velographic combines your GPS data and photos to create beautiful mementos of your cycling and running activities from Strava!

Still not sure what that actually does. Don’t @ me

Used to be good fun. No idea what it’s like nowadays.

Ditty, which was super funny for about ten minutes but I probably haven’t used in months.

Those ten minutes were a ride, though.

Alright, Strava

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CPH card app, from our trip there in June. I should probably just delete that one.

@kermitwormit has been typing for a while. Really hope it’s one of her stories.


I jinxed it, didn’t I.

Addison Lee

Proverbs 12:25 m8

tell you what’s great is super power saver mode

only 6 apps work but you can choose them so you don’t miss out

properly saved me when i was in A&E recently