April 2020 Film Thread

Two new films of note on streaming this month:

17th April - Ema (directed by Pablo Larrain) (Mubi)
24th April - Moffie (Curzon)

Best March film release

  • Onward
  • Vitalina Varena
  • Misbehaviour
  • Vivarium
  • The Truth
  • Bacurau
  • Calm With Horses
  • The Hunt
  • Other (please specify)

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I only saw The Hunt :man_facepalming:t2:

The guy who directed Stuber (which was ok, albeit mostly cos it had good leads) has a new film on Netflix for Friday. It looks to be exactly the same but with Ed Harris and a kid in the lead roles.

It will probably be mildly entertaining/10

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only thing i saw in march was dark waters

came out feb 28 which feels unlucky not to get included in the march releases

not that it was great. it was fine.

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Watched Mindhorn. Quite good fun. Nice of Coogan to let Julian Barrett copy Partridge


Hoo boy I did NOT like that film


I’ve watched loads of tv but basically no films so far :frowning:

Really miss sitting in the cinema


you should have got involved in the DiS film club

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I watched 16 films in March.

The ones I liked the most were Portrait of a Lady on fire, mustang and the silence.

The one I liked the least was The Big Sick.

Feels very odd that I saw portrait… In the cinema a month ago

I watched 21 films in march

The one I liked most was Inside Llewyn Davis

The one I liked least was Cats


The one that disappointed me most Was eXistenZ

Hey @anon5266188 have they stopped taking payments for your Cineworld unlimited as they are closed? I hope so.

Films watched in March: 18
Cinema trips: 2 :slightly_frowning_face:
Best: Heat
Worst: Existenz

I assume Tenet’s release date will be pushed back at some point, maybe they can give us another trailer to make up for it?

They’re deferring any months missed to the end of the membership or something

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Feel like it never got going? The end redeemed it a little bit.

My biggest question is: was Jude Law’s American accent deliberately terrible

  • Deliberate
  • Accidental

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Really hate when I’m too tired at the end of a day to watch a film before bed. The ease with which I can now watch films ar night usually now is like the best thing about lockdown

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I watched 48 films in March.

The one I liked the most was Sympathy for Mr Vengeance.

The one I liked the least was Killers Anonymous.