April 2020 Film Thread

quite enjoying mubi removing the infinite choice paralysis. what should I watch tonight? oh, whatever’s expriring on mubi

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Noticed a bit where he got shouty and it slipped and he just sounded like normal Jude Law. Whoops.

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Yeah! And he can’t say the words ‘about’ or ‘for’ without sounding like a big poshy posho

Watched most of it for some reason then near the end had a “what’s the point” moment and off it went

29 films
Best: Portrait of a Lady on Fire
(The Hunt was amazing but obviously not in the same league)
Worst: Her Smell. …wait no, it’s Chef actually. Forgot I watched that on Monday night. That was worse.

i expected to hate it cause I don’t like Barrett and the whole premise wasn’t great but it had a few good jokes in it, and it was short

Chef is such a shit shit awful film

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In which the writer director star has his character sleep with 2 beautiful women for no good reason


And faces no conflict at all really. Everyone loves his food and wants to sleep with him very much

Lenny Henry’s pretty funny though…oh wait this isn’t a film of that 90s BBC comedy series?

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God I forgot all about that whilst remembering the Delbert Wilkins sitcom vividly

The last batch of Ghibli films are on Netflix now


Good to see Tim Key getting work. This looks bad though and something I will definitely watch hungover on a Sunday

It does look pretty bad but it has Olivia Munn and Freida Pinto in it so I’m sold


Clearly deliberate, hence the sheer amount of terrible dubbing for all the characters. #justice4jude

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Really in the mood for a sorta 90s thriller like PRESUMED INNOCENT or THE PELICAN BRIEF. Which would you say is the best film in the 90s legal thriller subgenre?

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